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Things To Make When You Have No Flour

If you are struggling to get hold of gluten free flour at the moment there are still plenty of other recipes you can try which don't involve any flour at all from bread to desserts and cakes. This blog has just a few I have made over the years which you could try while in lockdown!

Added 20th April 2020
Updated 10th November 2020

Things To Make When You Have No Flour
If you are struggling to get hold of the standard plain and self raising gluten free flours there is loads of things you can make without needing flour and that includes bread, cakes and biscuits.

I know a lot of people have turned to baking during the coronavirus lockdown to keep them busy as well as teaching the kids baking skills, even though flour seems quite hard to get at the moment though, I have some recipes you could try instead which use ingredients you should be able to get hold of quite easily from supermarkets.

If you are teaching the kids too, these may be good to teach them other ways of cooking without the use of flour, and in some cakes using up left overs!

Ok so bread, definitely usually uses flour of some description but these are two that don't. Don't go in thinking "this will be like proper bread", they aren't, but they are alternatives to proper bread.

Cloud Bread
Essentially cloud bread is made with eggs whipped up and baked in round, they almost make a flat bread type thing, not the best for a sandwich but they aren't bad for burgers!

Keto Bread
This bread is made with almonds and eggs, ketogenic diets are low carb which this bread matches but it is high in fat and protein, it doesn't make a bad sandwich if you don't mind the nutty taste though!

Who doesn't like baking a cake?! Plain or self raising, most cakes need some kind of flour but there are some alternatives you can make instead.

As long as you can get chocolate and eggs you are good to go with this roulade, it is more of a meringue type texture but it certainly hits the cake spot.

Ok, this recipe is a Christmas chocolate brownie but leave the topping off (or replace with chocolate) and leave cinnamon, ginger and cloves out and its a pure chocolate brownie! Or of course leave it as it is to keep a different twist on a brownie with no flour in sight!

Crispy Cakes
I know, not a proper cake, but they are so fun to make! Most cereals are still readily available, add some chocolate and you have simple crispy cakes, chunk in some marshmallows and sultanas and you have a rocky road one!

Got to love a biscuit! Both there use just a handful or ingredients and don't need flour at all!

Peanut Butter Cookies
If you love peanut butter these are a biscuit to try and dead easy to make.

Nutella Almond Biscuits
Similar to the peanut butter biscuits these are dead simple to make and almost taste like a ferrero rocher!

Cheesecake and Puddings
There are loads of desserts that don't involve flour, these are just a few firm favourites you could make, there are also countless others which are naturally flour free.

Mousse Cake
A biscuit and chocolate base topped with a mousse rather than a cheesecake, its relatively easy to make and soooo good.

White Chocolate Popcorn Cheesecake
I've seen a lot of cheesecake making going on, and rightly so when they don't need flour! This popcorn one is so delicious, it was made in conjuction with Popcorn Shed but if you can't get there popcorn Butterkist works just as well!

Bread and butter pudding
My favourite pud has to be bread and butter pudding, if you have any gluten free bread thats going a bit stale, this is the perfect way to use it up. This one is chocolate orange and was made in conjunction with Juvela, but we also have a regular bread and butter pud here!

I hope that gives you some ideas of some baking to do without the use of flour, if you have any more ideas for cakes, breads, biscuits or anything else that don't involve flour, leave us a comment!

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