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Privacy Policy

  1. Set out below is the Coeliac Sanctuary Privacy Policy, including what data we collect, why we need it, how we use it and protect it, and how we remove it.

Coeliac Sanctuary Website

  1. All pages on the Coeliac Sanctuary website use Google Analytics to help us understand how our visitors access and find the Coeliac Sanctuary website. Google Analytics uses "Cookies", which are tiny text files placed on your device so the analytic software can watch what pages you visit and how you got there, the analytics software only tracks your activity on our own website, and does not track you elsewhere.

  2. The information generated by the cookie is transmitted securely to Google's Servers where they process it in a way so we can access it on the Google Analytics website, this information Google store may include your IP address, but we do not get access to this information, nor do we have any way to data to an actual person. For more information please see the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

  3. All parts of the Coeliac Sanctuary website are protected by a SSL certificate, which means all data is encrypted as it is transmitted from your browser to our server.

  4. Depending on what parts of the website you use, data we may store about you includes, but is not limited to;

    • IP Address

    • Name

    • Email Address

    • Postal Address

    • Phone Number

  5. For full information on why, how, and where we store your data please see the below sections of this policy.


  1. Coeliac Sanctuary use Google AdSense to publish third party advertisements on our websites, we have no control over these ads, the content of them, or the third-party websites they link to. For more information please see the Google AdSense Privacy Policy.


  1. During the course of a competition we store all data provided in our database, upon a competition ending all PERSONAL data will be securely removed after one month, we will however keep anonymised data so we can track the number of entrants in a competition, and in special cases where part of our competition is to leave feedback on the website, or suggest new features for the website, these will be kept as long as deemed necessary, but we will remove any personal information from the feedback or suggestions.

Contact Form

  1. All data through our contact form is sent securely to our email address, once the matter has been dealt with the email is permanently deleted.


  1. All users have the option to sign up to our free newsletter, you can do this through any page on our website, and you can also choose to do it through our competition pages and shop.

  2. The newsletter is strictly opt-in only, and you only need to provide your email, and you can-opt out at any time by pressing the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter.

  3. Our newsletter is sent no more than once every two weeks, and contains links to our latest or popular blogs, recipes, or reviews.

  4. Our newsletter is managed by MailChimp, for more information please see MailChimp's Privacy Policy.

Place Suggest Form

  1. Any data sent through our Place Request form or through our website or App is stored securely in our Database, when we have checked the suggestion(s) supplied we will mark the Place Request as finished, and within 2 weeks the personal data associated with this request is deleted, but the actual message is retained. This is so we have a data trail and can see how and when places are first suggested to us.

Coeliac Sanctuary Shop

  1. Personal data is handled in several ways while using our online Shop

  2. Orders

    1. When you make an order in our online shop your name, email address and postal address are securely stored in our database, we will keep this data securely for at a minimum of seven (7) years for tax purposes. Your information is stored online in password protected environments and offline under lock and key. We do NOT, and never will store any payment information, including, but not limited to, Credit/Debit card numbers, Expiry dates, CVC numbers and PayPal usernames or Passwords.

    2. ALL payment processing is done through external servers (Stripe, Paypal) and your payment details do not get transmitted to our own server.

  3. Baskets

    1. When you create a basket your IP address is stored and is used to associate a basket with your device, so you can access it at any time the basket remains open (1 hour).

    2. We also log all data (excluding payment details) through our basket page, including when you enter your personal information (Excluding any payment information) - We only log data so we can identify potential problems with our software if we are contacted by users who encountered an issue, where users had problems completing their purchase and any error information returned from the payment provider, and to identify situations where users filled out the basket details but didn't pay.

    3. All basket logs are stored securely in our database and will be automatically deleted after 2 weeks.

Third Party Policies

  1. Websites linked from our website are out of our control and we are not responsible for any content, tracking or privacy policies on these websites or services.

Your Rights

  1. You have the right at any time to request access to all data we store on you, if you wish to do so please put your request in writing to Coeliac Sanctuary, PO Box 643, Crewe, CW1 9LJ and include your Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address and we will endeavour to provide you with any information we store about you within 1 month on receipt of your request.

  2. You have the right to be forgotten from our website and records, if you wish to do so please put your request in writing to Coeliac Sanctuary, PO Box 643, Crewe, CW1 9LJ and include your Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address and we will endeavour to delete all personal data we hold about you with the exception of any order invoices, which we legally have to store for 7 (Seven) years.