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To give our visitors the best experience and to ensure our website works properly we place small data files called cookies onto your device.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website places onto your device when you visit a website. It enabled a website to remember your actions, such as whats in your basket in the Coeliac Sanctuary shop. We also use cookies to store other little bits of information, such as whether you've seen our Cookie bar.

How do you use cookies?

We use cookies in a couple of ways, both to protect your privacy, and to enhance the website performance.

Protecting your privacy - We use cookies to make sure that your personal information (such as when checking out on our shop) is only visible to you, we do this by storing a token that is unique to your device and expires when you leave our website.

We require these cookies to ensure that the website works properly, without them we wont be able to store your data securely between pages (Such as whats in your basket).

Website Performance - We also use cookies to ensure that our website runs smoothly and efficiently, these are all anonymous and do not contain any personal information.

These cookies are also mandatory as parts of our website will not work correctly without them, and your experience will be poor.}

Third-party Cookies

In addition to our own cookies, other parties beside Coeliac Sanctuary may also place their own anonymous cookies on your device, these could include Google, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, Stripe and more.

How to control Cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish, for more details see, you can easily delete all cookies that already stored on your device and update your browser settings to prevent new cookies being created. However, if you do this your experience on our website and others may be affected.