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Coeliac Awareness Week at Aldi 2018

Every Coeliac Awareness Week Aldi usually put special buys into their stores and this year is no exception, with the likes of Lazy Days cakes, a range of pasta and seabrooks crisps there is loads to choose from.

Added 15th May 2018
Updated 10th November 2020

Coeliac Awareness Week at Aldi 2018
In recent months Aldi stores that were trialing gluten free had their dedicated sections removed after the decision was made to end the trial (not long after Lidl introduced a permanent free from range, whether that was in response to their biggest competitor cutting theirs, I guess we will never know). However Aldi have remained brilliant when it comes to the naturally gluten free products with many of their regular products being gluten free as standard.

Like usual though, as Aldi have done for the last few years, they have added a lot of gluten free products to their Special Buys for Coeliac Awareness Week which is running from 14th May to 20th May. The Special Buys do tend to stick around for a few weeks after but it is usually limited stock.

This year is pretty much similar to what we have seen in the gluten free lines for the last few years but it is time to stock up on the bargains, most things are less than £2 but a lot in my store didn't have price labels so don't know the exact amounts. Biggest bargain we found was the coconut flour and sugar which tends to be extortionate prices but was only £1.69 a bag in the Special Buys.

Heres the list of the things we saw in especially for Coeliac Awareness Week (If I know the price I have included it)

Lees Snowballs 99p
YuShoi Pea Crisps 99p
Seabrooks Lattice and Crisps 99p
Quinoa Bars £1.69
Tilda Rices 79p or 85p depending on variety
Lazy Days Tiffin, Millionaires Shortbread and Crispie Squares
Coconut Flour £1.69
Coconut Sugar £1.69
BFree Pittas £2.25
Edamame Spaghetti
Black Bean Spaghetti
Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devils Food Cake Mix £1.99
Foodie Market Gluten Free Chocolate Coated Biscuit Bars
Moo Free Chocolate Bars £1.99

Prices do vary on its all but it was all really reasonably priced and products that are available in other supermarkets were a lot cheaper.

They also have all their barbecue stuff still in and 99% of that is also gluten free including burgers and kebabs, you can find out more about them in this blog.

Go grab some bargains while you can, Tesco also have 3 for 2 on their own brand free from products for Coeliac Awareness Week so head there too!

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