Aldi Gluten Free Barbecue Summer Meat Specials

Aldi Gluten Free Barbecue Summer Meat Specials

Aldi have some fab products in ready for summer, with a whole range of special meat offers for barbecues, most are gluten free and there is so many tasty options to choose from.

Posted On: 3rd May 2018
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Gluten free kebabs in Aldi
Gluten free kebabs

Aldi are getting super good when it comes to gluten free meat like burgers and sausages. They may have decided to remove their gluten free range in the stores that trialed it but when it comes to stuff that can be naturally gluten free, they are turning into masters.

As barbecue season is approaching (or maybe gone after that nice weekend we had...) Aldi have got some fab new summer products in their meat chiller all are perfect for barbecues and we only saw one that didn't appear to be gluten free (though we're not 100% sure, more on that in a bit)

There are a fair few coated chicken products, a lot of the time the coatings seem to containing wheat in other places, probably to thicken the marinade but none of the coated chicken in Aldi has gluten containing ingredients or may contain warnings (Aldi are really good with their may contain warnings). These would be fab for a barbecue or just under the grill, something slightly different that plain old chicken. The chicken products were:-

Gluten free marinated chicken in Aldi
Gluten free marinated chicken
Chorizo and chicken kebabs
Cajun chicken sizzlers
Garlic and herb chicken sizzlers
Mango and coconut chicken mini fillets
Bourbon BBQ chicken
Sweet chilli chicken thighs

Flavoured chicken is great on a barbecue and with such a variety you won't get bored of plain old boring chicken, I love the sound of the kebabs!

Along with chicken there are a couple of lamb and pork options which sound delicious, again no gluten ingredients and no may contains:-

Minted lamb chops
Mediterrean loin steaks
Ancho chilli and lime pork belly slices

Of course you can't have a barbecue without burgers either, well they have some special burgers in for summer but also their regular burgers and meatballs all carry the cross grain so are certified gluten free. I didn't see any sausages in for summer, but not to worry as most of the normal sausages already carry the cross grain so are suitable for Coeliacs.

Gluten free marinated pork in Aldi
Gluten free marinated pork
In for summer though these are the burgers, meatballs and kebabs you have on offer:-

Beef Burgers (both normal and 5% fat)
Aberdeen angus beef quarter pounder
Gourmet burgers with mature cheddar
Meatballs (normal, italian inspired and 5% fat)
BBQ beef kebabs
Minted lamb kebabs

There was also a minted lamb burger which I confess I didn't see the cross grain logo on but apparently it does carry it so is gluten free too (I will double check that when I'm next in Aldi though).

So if you are having a barbecue this summer, head to Aldi for some fab goodies, most of the products were £3 of less too so pretty cheap and all the stuff I have tried is delicious so I'm sure all these offerings will be too!

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Can you send me the ingredients of the Cajun chicken Sizzlers nephew has taken an allergic reaction to something in them...thank you

Fiona - 3rd March 2019
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 4th March 2019

You'd have to contact Aldi for that information.

Is it just me or the Mediterranean pork tastes like soap? Same for the chicken and chorizo kebabs...

Laura - 16th October 2019

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