New Morrisons Free From Products

New Morrisons Free From Products

Morrisons own brand free from range has got some brand new products, including a product that is ridiculously hard to get, macaroni!
Morrisons Gluten Free Macaroni
Morrisons Gluten Free Macaroni
In the last week or so Morrisons have released some brand new own brand Free From products, this is the second release this year following the main release back in February.

This release has seen one surprising product appear, one that we actually asked about while at head office back in August last year. This product is gluten free macaroni.

Heinz gluten free macaroni was pulled from Morrisons shelves last year following low sales and complaints that it "wasn't very nice" (now this is hard to get, if even at all possible anymore) and since then no supermarket has done macaroni and it's nigh on impossible to buy anywhere. When we were invited to head quarters in August a question that popped to my mind was about the macaroni during a discussion about pasta. I asked if they had plans to do gluten free macaroni as no other supermarket does and they said they would look into it, 9 months later it seems they did manage to get gluten free macaroni, making them the only supermarket to stock it.

Morrisons Gluten Free Dino Pasta Shapes
Morrisons Gluten Free Dino Pasta Shapes
Macaroni isn't the only pasta to hit the shelves they have also released gluten free brown rice pasta, pasta shapes, red lentil pasta and green pea pasta and none are too badly priced, most are between £1.30 and £1.40, we believe the dino pasta is only 73p thought, a bargain when it comes to gluten free!

The pasta shapes are great for kids, put them in tomato sauce and they will be like the canned pasta shapes, we think there is two varieties that will be available, one is dinosaur shaped but we're not sure what the other is.

We're not 100% on how many stores have got the pastas, the macaroni doesn't appear to be in all stores but the others seem to be in the majority, hopefully the macaroni will roll out to more. The pasta shapes seem to be even harder to find and only appear to be in select stores so you will have to keep your eyes peeled for those.

Morrisons Gluten Free Birthday Cake and Traybakes
Morrisons Gluten Free Birthday Cake and Traybakes
Along with the pasta there have been a few other releases including their own brand bread rolls in white and seeded and some birthday cake treats.

Catching up with the other supermarkets Morrisons now have a gluten free birthday cake, it is rather plain but better than nothing if you want a ready made celebration cake, however it does cost £8 which we think is a little steep for the size.

Two traybake cakes are also now available in chocolate and vanilla and are actually a lot more reasonable than the birthday cake at less than £4 and you could get a fair amount of slices from them, great for parties or even using as a birthday cake if you can add a little more decoration to them yourself.

Some of these products are nice to see in stores, especially macaroni, something that is notoriously hard to get. We're glad Morrisons are always expanding and offering products other places don't and hope this continues.

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I am really excited to see the macaroni as I have missed it very much since the Heinz one became unavailable, I will make a special trip to Morrisons asap! Thanks Coeliac Sanctuary :)

Val - 9th June 2017

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