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Morrisons Big February Free From Release

Morrisons have released a shed load of new gluten free products for their big February free from release including some big brand names and some home brand items.

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Morrisons Big February Free From Release
Back in August when we were invited to Morrisons HQ we knew there would be a big launch of new products in February, but we weren't quite expecting a launch of this scale! This week has seen Morrisons launch a whole host of brand new lines, OK, some products have dissappeared to make room for the new lines, but some of the products are things we have never seen before in the free from sections.

The first thing we noticed was the new branding, sticking with the green labelling but with a fresh new look, we think this new packing looks better than the old but that's just our opinion!

Lets start with the shelves, on Sunday we got word that some stores were having a major knock down of old products in the free from section and to expect lots of rock bottom prices on end of lines, when we took a trip down on Monday to our local we didn't expect to see so many "new" signs, but it looked like that around half the old products had been changed for new items.

We didn't get a look at everything that was new on the shelves but here is most of it (some stores have more than others I believe, and some stores may not have all of the products).

In the cakes section we spotted new Pecan Pies and Ginger Cake Slices, plus all the old favourites such as Cherry Bakewells were still there but with the new branding. Along with new ready made cakes we spotted Free and Easy packet mixes which are also free from refined sugar as well as gluten, and Morrisons are finally playing host to the Betty Crocker Range which has been in Tesco for a few months now.

In terms of cereal it looks like not much has changed but we were happy to see Delicious Alchemy Nutty Granola now on sale which was only in Sainsburys before. There was also a gap on our locals shelves for Morrisons own brand fruit Museli, but these appeared to be sold out when we visited. Gluten Free Quaker Oats have also appeared in the porridge oats section. Also new are the Genius Breakfast Bakes (which we got to try out last week) have also appeared on the shelves around the cereal free from section.

The bread section has seen Genius Toasties appear on the shelf, Schar Hamburger buns and Schar High Fibre Sourdough, none exactly cheap but make a change from the regular varieties of bread on offer.

Other things that have appeared on the shelves include Deans Gluten Free Shortbread in three varieties (very yummy we may add), Moo Free chocolate baking drops, two types of Morrisons own rice cakes and two types of their own crackers too.

These aren't the only things that appeared on the shelves, I keep spotting other things whenever I go in as there is so much, but these are the ones that are definitely worth a mention.

Once you get over all the new dry stuff there is even more when you hit the fridge and freezers. In the fridge a lot of No G stuff has disappeared but has been replaced with a selection of Mash Direct products including Croquets and Rostis. In our branch whole creations pizzas also seem to have vanished and been replaced with Morrisons own brand chilled pizza and a whole creations garlic baguette rather than the cheese and garlic pizza.

Alongside Heck sausages now sit Morrisons own brand Free From sausages in Pork and Mexican Chicken varieties.

In the freezer Feel Free products and some other options have vanished to make way for own brand filled Yorkshire pudding, chicken nuggets and some options which we think may be a hit... gluten free curly fries, mini hash browns and chips. OK the chips maybe not so much a hit since there's already plenty that are naturally gluten free but the curly fries are something that nowhere else does and are delicious!

Morrisons used to be way behind in their gluten free game but in the last year have become one of the best supermarkets in terms of gluten free, some of these new products are things that just haven't been seen anywhere else and we think are sure fire hits, we can't wait to try everything out!

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