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Genius Release Gluten Free Breakfast Bakes

Genius have released a lovely new product, they are flapjack type bars which are great for breakfast, they do contain oats though so probably not for everyone.

Added 15th February 2017
Updated 10th November 2020

Genius Release Gluten Free Breakfast Bakes
Genuis, one of the top gluten free manufacturers with their "holey" reputation (get it, holey bread?) are due to release some brand new products next week. Can you guess what the new products are? No? Well let us tell you, it's nothing bread related. They are releasing gluten free BREAKFAST BAKES.

These new biscuit crossed with flapjack bars are due to go into Asda and Morrisons next Monday (20th Feb 17) but we got to sample them early.

The breakfast bakes are made with oats so they won't be suitable for everyone the box even states they aren't suitable for people sensitive to avenin - the protein in oats, it does however state they are gluten free oats and that they are suitable for Coeliacs.

If you have other allergies you may be out of luck, the products contain milk and soya but also also have a statement saying they aren't suitable for milk, soya, egg or nut allergies, so if you do suffer from one of those allergies, make sure you stay clear.

We gave them a quick try this morning and they are very tasty, like mentioned above they are a cross between a biscuit and flapjack, they were a lot softer than I thought they were going to be, I was expecting a crunch but never got it, still really nice though. I'd be inclined to eat they as a dessert or a snack with a brew rather than for breakfast as they are pretty sugary, but I'm sure they would be great for anyone that needs something quick on the go early in the morning.

The bakes come in three varieties:
Cranberry and oat
Chocolate chip and oat
Honey, raisin and oat

The bakes come individually wrapped with 5 in a pack, we're not sure how much they are going to be yet but I will find out off Genius.

We're sure these will be a welcome addition to the free from aisle for people needing a quick breakfast, we sure liked them!

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