Coeliac Prescription Debate At Westminster Hall

Coeliac Prescription Debate At Westminster Hall

On the 1st November there is debate going ahead at Westminster Hall regarding gluten free food on prescription, who knows what the outcome to this one is going to be, but was can't wait to find out.
On Tuesday 1st November, MP Kevan Jones has managed to secure a debate about gluten free prescribing in the House of Commons. The debate will be happening from 4pm at Westminster Hall.

The debate follows the announcement for the drop of gluten free prescriptions in Somerset from December and the proposal for prescriptions to be dropped in North, East and West Devon. Somerset will be yet another county joining the prescription drops which also includes Norfolk and parts of Yorkshire.

Coeliac UK are calling for as many MP's as possible to join the debate and are contacting MP's directly, especially in areas where prescriptions has been withdrawn, being withdrawn or are under threat. Getting as many MP's to debate is crucial to help influence the policy and extend the reach.

Coeliac UK are asking for Coeliacs to contact their local MP's and ask for their vote of support and also ask them to attend the debate.

For Coeliacs, prescriptions are essential in getting cheaper, vital foods such as bread, pasta and cereal which are extortionate prices in shops. On prescription, diagnosed Coeliacs can get access to certain foods for a fraction of the price.

If prescriptions are dropped all over the UK, many Coeliacs which are already under financial strain will find it even harder to eat safely, with this debate we hope MP's see the need for gluten free prescriptions to remain but that can only happen with their support.

We will keep you posted on how the debate goes, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Maybe vouchers are the way to go for us diagnosed ceoliacs. The gluten free products are getting more available but ours is not a life choice but a way we have to eat.

Jill packman - 28th October 2016

I am on disability and find it very hard to stick to a gf diet if I had lots of money no problem but I don't and am penalised for my dietary needs I don't smoke or drink but I do need to eat.

Lynn adshead - 28th October 2016

If I can't get bread on prescription I can't afford to pay £3 for it,i am 71.and that is a lot to pay out of my pension,

eileen cain - 28th October 2016

I am 75 and my perscription really helps I will be struggling without it I cant afford to buy it also it is difficult to find in the shops where I live

june hamer - 28th October 2016

As a diagnosed Coeliac for 12 years I only get the white mix and bread on prescription..I buy my crackers, biscuits what I call not necessities but more luxury items myself if I want them..But a loaf of Gluten free bread is £3 in the supermarkets to £1 wheat bread..please don't stop prescribing gluten free on NHS

Jan Entwistle - 28th October 2016

It's a form of medicine to celiacs just like inhalers to asthma sufferers etc. If we don't have gluten free products then it will be a far larger cost to the NHS as it'll lead to other things and then costs to hospitals. We have to pay for prescriptions it's not free and yes we can buy products from supermarkets but at an extortionate price. Only staple foods are allowed so it's not something to take advantage of.

Kay - 29th October 2016

I am allergic to most flours apart from the Juvela codex .Flour is the only item i get on script,and if this was discontinued i would struggle due to the fact I have other severe food allergies as well as being on benefits due to other serious health issues.

Jean O'Mahony - 29th October 2016

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