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Juvela Bread in Selected Tesco Stores

Juvela have just added their gluten free bread to Tesco stores. Until now they were prescription only, it is one of the best breads around and finally available to everyone.

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Juvela Bread in Selected Tesco Stores
It's hard to get a good gluten free bread, it's even harder to get a good gluten free bread when not everyone has access to prescriptions. Some of the breads that are around are basically the equivalent to wet cardboard, others are more tolerable but the one I found was most like normal bread was Juvela.

I can honestly say that Juvela has to be my favourite breads in terms of taste, it is like eating regular bread again, I haven't found another bread that's closer to the real thing, only problem it was restricted to prescription only until now.

I don't know if anyone else does it but when I'm in a supermarket I have to go to the bread aisle and sniff the bread, or if my Dad has a French stick I have to get a good old whiff for at least 10 minutes before he is even allowed to make a sandwich. Gluten free bread just never has the right smell, it doesn't smell like proper bread, that fresh yeasty, wheaty smell just isn't quite there.

I found that Juvela has that smell though, or as close as you can get. Opening a fresh loaf of Juvela is oddly satisfying because you do get the right smell and even better when you give the slices a squeeze they are SOFT and SPRINGY, I actually frequently question whether it is gluten free, but it definitely is, it's just not got the cardboard texture of other bread, it's hard to believe it truly is Coeliac safe.

However, Coeliac safe it certainly is, Juvela have been making gluten free bread solely for those diagnosed with Coeliac for over 25 years, to get their bread you had to qualify for prescription but now, with a more restricted supply in some parts of the country, they are heading into selected Tesco stores.

Juvela's bread is so good for one reason, they use wheat. I know, I know, don't yell at me, but it's true! Don't worry though what they use is gluten free wheat starch which isn't the same as normal wheat. The gluten is removed making it safe for Coeliacs (like barley is removed from vinegar to make it gluten free) and gives all the amazing qualities of baking with wheat flour which is why it is so like normal bread.

Of course if you have a WHEAT allergy and not just Coeliac, Juvela bread isn't suitable, but for a gluten free diet, not wheat free, Juvela is certainly the bread for you. I know the thought of gluten free wheat starch probably triggers questions of just how safe it is for Coeliacs, but trust me it is completely safe.

Gluten free wheat starch, like anything labelled gluten free is regulated, it has to fall below 20 parts per million otherwise it cannot be deemed gluten free. The removal of gluten is extremely strict and rigorously tested to ensure it meets guidelines, the same principle also goes for barley which is processed to have the gluten removed (such as in vinegars and in gluten free beer).

Want some more reasons to give them a try, apart from it being like normal bread? Well the fat content is less that 5% (when we compared Juvela to other leading brands it contains 0.8g of fat compared to over 2g in the others), they are a good source of fibre (especially the fibre loaf), they are reduced salt and they are fortified with a range of vitamins including iron and vitamin B6.

Honestly, I didn't need to give anymore reason than the first one, this bread is truly the best I have had, no others have come this close to regular bread, it actually made me feel normal again, whether you are Coeliac or following a gluten free diet for other reasons this bread is an absolute must try, I don't think you'll look back once you've tried the first slice.

You can get your Juvela bread from selected Tesco stores from 18th September, white and fibre loaves and also white and fibre rolls will be available in many branches, the first time they have been available on the market, so make sure to grab hold of these loaves! To find what stores have it local to you give Juvela a call, they will also have a store finder on their website by 21st September.

Also take a look at Juvela's video about their bread!

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