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New Products In Tesco Free From Aisle

Tesco have just added some more fabulous products to their free from section including amazing Schar gluten free waffles and chocolate gateau

Added 20th September 2017
Updated 10th November 2020

New Products In Tesco Free From Aisle
Last week we posted that Tesco and Asda have added new gluten free products to their free from range. Well this week that range expanded even more in Tesco, they way they are going the will need to open a new store dedicated to free from (I'm sure none of us would mind this happening).

Not all of the new products are their own home brand products, some are well known brands. Please note that they are not in all stores either, if you only have a small store you may be out of luck grabbing some of these, if they are popular though they will probably roll out to more stores. We hope Tesco do put the majority of these in all stores are there are some amazing products in the list.

Ok, so last week we mentioned the frozen Chocolate Gateau, Toad In The Hole, Chicken Pies, Steak Pies and Granola Pots, more about these can be found in this previous blog, however since then these fabulous product have also appeared.

First off Juvela White and Brown Bread plus their rolls have appeared in almost 500 Tesco stores, they were a prescription only brand until now, the bread is priced at £2.80 and the rolls are £2.20, more about Juvela going into Tesco can be found in this blog.

Now for some even more exciting products, back in February last year Mr Kipling released some gluten free loaf cakes and cherry bakewells. This week two new gluten free Mr Kipling products went into Tesco, but it seems only limited Tescos at the moment, these two products are Country Slices, Almond Slices and Chocolate Brownie Slices. I found most of the new products in a massive Tesco in Edinburgh but not the Mr Kipling, so they are either delayed in some stores or in very limited places as they have been spotted in a few places around the country. Take a look the pics of the new Mr Kipling products on Becky from Gluten Free Cuppa Tea's twitter.

Another new exciting one is Schar Waffles, I can't remember ever being able to get gluten free waffles in supermarkets before so this was one I got really excited by. I do miss waffles I used to have them a lot before diagnosis. There are 4 in a pack and they do look very yummy indeed, I just hope they taste as good!

Next up, DOUGHNUTS! Notoriously hard to get unless you have a local place that does them such as Borough 22 in London. Since Feel Free went under I though we'd seen the end of gluten free doughnuts, but low and behold Tesco have frozen own brand free from doughnuts! And if I am honest they are nicer than the Feel Free ones, they are not iced in icing sugar.

Deliciously Alchemy have a new product and this is also new into Tesco. This fab product is a kit to make a full birthday cake, cake mix, icing, sprinkles, the who kit and caboodle! Not sure on the price on this one as it was missing in Tesco but it is sure to be a good price, Delicious Alchemy packet mixes usually are.

Who loves Bisto gravy? Well they now have a gluten free one. The Bisto Best jars are listed as gluten free on Coeliac UK despite being a may contain but I'm sure some people will be glad of a regular bisto granules which is labelled gluten free. They have done it is catering pack size for months, if not years so it was only a matter of time until this came out. To go with your roast with gravy, Paxo have also released gluten free sage and onion stuffing. Again we didn't manage to find these in Tesco but they are drifting into stores. Once again take a look at Becky's tweet

In Tesco home brand free from there are a few other new products. They have new flapjack bars and cranberry and orange flapjack bars, great for those who can tolerate oats, not so much for those who can't. Another new one also containing oats is a new fruit and nut granola, something tasty for breakfast! Other new ones also include an egg free alternative to mayonnaise "mayo-maize" and a basil pesto.

There are some products labelled new too that are actually just new recipe, these are vanilla sponge cake mix, chocolate sponge pudding, syrup sponge pudding.

Is this going to be all the new releases...time will see on that one, seems to be new ones appearing everyday so far. Hopefully most of this stuff will appear in the majority of stores so keep a look out, especially for those fab doughnuts!

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