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Mr Kipling Release Gluten Free Products

Mr Kipling Release Gluten Free Products

Mr Kipling are finally releasing gluten free cakes in Tesco from 13th Feb! With a selection of cakes heading to the free from aisle from a popular name they are sure to be a hit.

Added 9th February 2017
Updated 10th November 2020

From 13th February Mr Kipling are launching a range of gluten free products. According to Mr Kipling this range will only be available in Tesco however they have been spotted in some Asda branches (whether all the range is going to be in Asda we don't know". Despite the release date of the 13th some Tescos do already have them in.

The products that will be available are:
Lemon and Ginger Loaf
Cherry Bakewell Loaf
Apple Loaf
Mini Cherry Bakewells.

We posted a while back that Mr Kipling were trialling gluten free products (see this blog for more details) and it seems they are now ready for launch!

It seems that all the products that we knew of that were being trialled are hitting Tesco shelves with an added bonus of Mini Cherry Bakewells, a product which certainly isn't a surprise considering Mr Kipling are well known for their Cherry Bakewells.

We're sure these new cakes will be an asset to the free from range and we can't wait to get our paws on some. At the moment we have no idea on price but we'd imagine they would fall within the usual free from price range of £2 to £3. We also don't know for sure whether they are going into to all Tesco or just some, we'd like to assume they would go into all supermarkets (probably not the local and expresses though) with how big Mr Kipling are, but who knows.

We'll post more details when we know them!

EDIT: Cherry Bakewells are £2.50 for a pack of 6 (3 packs of twin packs), they are milk and gluten free but contain egg and almonds if you can't tolerate or are allergic to either or those.

We have also discovered that they are the same Cherry Bakewells as Costa, and are made apparently made by We Love Cake. We are not sure about the other cakes at the moment though. We have done a review of the cherry bakewells right here.

Your Comments

So looking forward to trying these new cakes, but pretty damn disappointed to learn the Bakewell Tart Cake contains Oat Flour which although I am a Coeliac I cannot tolerate oats of any description why oh why have they put oat flour in a cake, there are some Coeliacs and I am one that cannot eat Oats, very disappointed to say,
mrs chapman
4th July 2017
£2.50 for 6 mini bakewells is awful.

Kiplings just doing what McVities did - pricing most people out of reach.
Graham Goodall
20th February 2017
Just managed to purchase the Backwell Loaf Cake in a Tesco Express which didn't have a lot on offer so hopefully will be available a lot more places than expected :)
Samantha Williams
17th February 2017