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Jus-Rol Release GF Puff Pastry and Mr Kipling Rumours

It's taken a while but Jus Rol have released ready rolled gluten free puff pastry in Tesco and we are hearing some rumours that Mr Kipling are set to release some gluten free cakes.

Added 25th October 2016
Updated 10th November 2020

Jus-Rol Release GF Puff Pastry and Mr Kipling Rumours
Today there has been a new gluten free release into Tesco, this time we see Jus-Rol joining the gluten free wagon with gluten free puff pastry.

At the moment we don't know much about the new product yet, we believe it is chilled pastry like Silly Yak and we know Tesco is currently stocking it at £2 a roll and it is down to be sold on Ocado and also, in Ireland, it is also for sale in Dunnes stores but other than that we don't know much, to be honest the first we knew about it was today!

It is also appears that in some branches Tesco are replacing Silly Yak pastry with the new Jus-rol one, we are trying to find out exactly which stores are stocking the Jus-rol so you can find a store near you that has it, we are expecting it to be mostly Tesco Extra and bigger Superstores.

Jus-rol have been famous for their ready rolled pastry for many years so it isn't really a big surprise that they have started doing a gluten free one. Whether the product will stay on shelves will depend on sales so we hope this is one that manages to last out and doesn't become discontinued after a couple of months.

We've also been hearing rumours about Mr Kipling releasing gluten free cakes, although we don't know much except a nugget of info that slipped into a Facebook group it looks like they are setting up to release three gluten free loaf cakes, Cherry Bakewell, Lemon and Ginger and Apple Crumble. Fingers crossed these rumours are true and the products make it onto shelves.

When we find out more info on either items we will update you, so keep your eyes peeled.

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