New Asda and Tesco Free From Products September 2017

New Asda and Tesco Free From Products September 2017

Asda and Tesco have added some new gluten free products to their free from lines including pizzas and puff pastry. Some fabulous new products you need to try.

Posted On: 16th September 2017
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In the last week there have been a few new products pop up in Asda and Tesco, some of the items are stuff that we haven't seen before in supermarket free from sections, others are things that aren't exactly new but not been in these particular supermarkets before.

Gluten free puff pastry in Asda
Asda Free From Puff Pastry
First up Asda, to be honest theres not much new, they are both things we have seen before but not by Asda.

In the fridge they have free from cheese and tomato pizza and pepperoni pizza, this is the first time Asda have had free gltuen free pizza, Morrisons have had them for a while in the chillers now so they are certainly not a new thing when it comes to supermarket free from sections. Neither are dairy free so if you can't have cheese, this pizza isn't for you, it is only gluten free. Both pizzas are £3.50.

The second item they have new is a little more exciting, ready roll puff pastry! The Jus Rol one has been floating around for a while but seems to be getting harder and harder to get (available in select Tescos). So this ready roll puff pastry at a bargain price of £1.85 is fantastic, hopefully it is easier to get your mitts on than the £3 Jus Rol one.

Gluten and Dairy free chocolate gateau
Tesco Free From Chocolate Gateau
Tesco have more new things in, shame when they put new stuff in they take popular old stuff out, the loss of free from "cornettos" in the freezer is very disappointing (we still like an ice cream in the winter you know!) They have however replaced them with a Chocolate gateau (same as the strawberry one but chocolate) which is also dairy free. Not sure on the price, I think it is around £3.

Another one in the freezer is also gluten and dairy free toad in the hole, not exactly a new product, already in most supermarkets but I think it might be the first dairy free one (please correct me if I am wrong). Alongside them they also have gluten free chicken pies and steak pies, again nothing really new as they are available in most of the other supermarkets and think they have been in Tesco before but were discontinued (typical of Tesco as they like discontinuing products and bringing them back a few months later, I think the scampi is on it's 4th time back in the freezers)

There is also a couple of new things in the fridge at Tesco, firstly they have a gluten and dairy free macaroni cheese! These are in with the other gluten free ready meals they started doing a few months back, however, like the other meals, they seem to be in only a few stores so if you find them, grab them!

Gluten free granola pot in Tesco
Tesco Lactose Free Yogurt with Gluten Free Granola
The second new product in the fridge is a handy lactose free yogurt with a gluten free granola top, handy for a quick breakfast on the go. I don't recall ever seeing a gluten free version of these before. There are two versions, Red Berry and Coconut and Chia, both are £1 a tub. I tried the Coconut and Chia one this morning, it was nice but needed more granola for me but was still nice. They do contain oats though, so if you can't tolerate oats these are unfortunately not for you (they are only lactose free, not dairy free too)

EDIT 18th Sept
Some more new products have appeared in Tesco, the main one being gluten free DOUGHNUTS! They are in the freezer section, 6 doughnuts in a pack. Since Feel Free went under a few months ago there have been no gluten free doughnuts on the high street, ironically these were only sold in Tesco too, so it looks like they have brought out there own home brand version.

There have been a few products in the free from aisle change recipe too, most stand out there is the vanilla cake packet mix, I saw a few complaints about that one before so hopefully the new improved recipe makes it better. There is also a new egg free, gluten free mayonnaise and a pesto floating around the aisle.

Juvela have also gone into selected Tesco stores from today, you can find out more about that is this blog.

It is nice to see new products appearing and hope like always the ranges continue to grow.

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I tried Tesco free from mini doughnuts before from the freezer . They were very heavy in texture and dry . Nothing like a normal doughnut. Are these ones different?

Jan - 20th September 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 20th September 2017

Hi Jan, the ones you had before we're probably Feel Free Mini Donuts, unfortunately these don't exist anymore as the company went into administration. The Tesco ones are new in stores this week and are different to the feel free ones, a lot nicer and not covered in sugar like the feel free ones were.

Hi I was just trying to find out if asdas free from yogurts strawberry and the new lemon are gluten free it states that they are vegan.

andrea - 25th November 2018

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