Morrisons Trial New Free From Market Street Counter

Morrisons Trial New Free From Market Street Counter

Morrisons are on a roll at the moment when it comes to growing their free from range. The latest trial is a gluten free market street counter in their flagship store which is trialing gluten free fresh pizzas.

Posted On: 29th November 2016
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Morrisons are again competing with the free from market by introducing something we haven't seen before, a make it yourself free from counter within their Market Street section.

This new feature is currently on trial at Morrisons Guiseley, Leeds store, their flagship store. The Guiseley store is one of the bigger stores within a stones through of Morrisons HQ in Bradford and is often used as the first store to trial new features.

Morrisons Free From Counter, Guiseley store, Leeds
Morrisons Free From Counter, Guiseley store, Leeds
This new free from counter works the same as the regular make it yourself pizza counter, you chose salad, wrap or sandwich, sauces and then toppings and it is all prepared fresh for you.

The area also has fresh made gluten free pizzas with a variety of toppings and more than likely make your own since they are doing make your own sandwiches, no reason they can't do make your own pizza too. It looks like a 10" gluten free make it yourself pizza costs £2.60 and they already have a range of fresh pizzas prepared including pepperoni, Hawaiian and spicy chicken amongst other toppings.

We hope this new feature will be rolled out to other stores after the trials but we think it could be hard to implement in some stores with needing the extra space. But we certainly hope they do make a go of it, fresh pizza is something a lot of people miss and the ability to get more than a few toppings without having to make it yourself would be a great bonus. Being able to have a made sandwich or wrap could also be an advantage too, especially if you just want to grab a quick bite to eat during a lunch break from work.

Want to know more about the behind the scenes of Morrisons? Check out or blog from our visit to Morrisons HQ from August.

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Fresh pizza!! What bliss!!!! Can you have a go at good fresh bread as well!!

Marie Gaskell - 29th November 2016

This sounds great, I would love to see this happen in Norwich as these kind of things always happen somewhere else.

Sam kelf - 30th November 2016

Fingers crossed it gets rolled out in all stores!! Would love a fresh pizza in bedford!!

Lucy - 30th November 2016

let me no hoe it goes can not wait till it in all store

ian wells - 16th February 2017

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