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Morrison Create Your Own Gluten Free Pizza - Avoid or Enjoy?

So Morrisons have introduced a create your own gluten free pizza at their regular pizza counter, is this really safe for Coeliacs, we take a bit of a look at their procedures and whether we really can eat at these pizzas.

Added 17th June 2019

Morrison Create Your Own Gluten Free Pizza - Avoid or Enjoy?
Honest answer to that question is, it depends on which branch you go too. Ask lots of questions!

In the last week or so Morrisons pizza counters have started offering gluten free pizzas, the board proclaims you can have a gluten free base and all the toppings are gluten free as standard.

A few years ago their flagship store put in a dedicated gluten free pizza counter but that obviously isn't a feasible thing to do in the majority of stores, it would mean a lot of major reconstruction, so it seems they decided to come up with a different option.

Like I mentioned, some stores seem to have hit the ground running when it comes to offering the gluten free pizza. Over on Facebook I have been told and I have seen lots of people saying at their Morrisons counter, when they asked for gluten free, they were all met with the same procedure, the server changed gloves, wiped down, prepared the pizza on a separate board, used new toppings and utensils and they were safe in the knowledge everything had been done to avoid cross contamination.

However, I have seen a couple (I must say, the good ones far outweigh the bad) where the pizza counter just don't seem to have got the memo about cross contamination and any Coeliac should give a wide berth, so do make sure they understand what they are doing when dealing with your gluten free pizza.

I haven't tried myself but I believe these pizzas are pretty damn good, so they are worth a try but before you do, make sure the staff are following procedures, don't be scared to ask questions about how it's going to be prepared. There are a few stores out there which aren't doing it as they should but overall if you know they are going to treat it properly, absolutely go for it! Oh, and the gluten free pizzas are the same price as the regular thin or deep pan, which is a bonus!

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