Gluten Free From Muscle Food

Gluten Free From Muscle Food

Muscle Food offer a great range of gluten free products at fab prices. From meat batches to pizzas they offer a variety which is high protein and naturally gluten free.
Have you ever heard of Muscle Food? No? Well they are an online company that specialise in meat and high protein food, but they also do a good range of gluten free food. We got to try out their amazing gluten free hamper a few weeks ago and we didn't half get some treats in it.

Their 65 piece hamper contains chicken breasts, rump steaks and turkey steaks which are all naturally gluten free along with hache burgers, steak burgers, chicken sausages, cumberland sausages, meatballs, chilli chicken burgers and grill stock seasoning. For all that it's only £49, an absolute bargain when you see just how much is in it! Lets say it filled most of our freezer and kept us fed for two weeks! See the hamper here. The meatballs and burgers are amazing, worth buying just for those in our opinion!

Not only do they do these packs but they also do amazing gluten free high protein pizzas including mighty meaty, which we have reviewed here, pulled pork, margharita and chicken and pepper, all of which are under 700 calories a pizza and high protein, which we think is incredible. Pizza without the guilt is a rare thing, they are fairly high priced but definitely worth it.

They also do a fudge syrup pudding and pies which look so good and are sure to be a favourite with customers.

Pasta and meatballs made with Muscle Food meatballs
Pasta and meatballs made with Muscle Food meatballs
Their products allow for a wide range of meals to be made, this week we have feasted on Italian style chicken salad and chicken and sweet potato curry made with their chicken breasts, meatballs and pasta in gravy (pictured to the right) and steak in our non alcoholic peppercorn sauce. All the meat is deliciously lean with so little fat on, they are perfect to work with and tasty.

For being a Coeliac Sanctuary reader we have an exclusive code for you so you can claim a free pizza when you spend over £25 (only one code per order),just enter the code GLUTEN3PIZZA at the checkout, visit this page to find out more about the offer and their fab gluten free products.

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If you want to get 4 free chicken breasts with your order instead of pizza use the code LJ6384

Lara - 8th November 2016

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