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8 Ways With Pancakes

If you are not sure what pancakes to make for pancake day we have a few ideas, from some of our recipes to pack mixes or suggestions by other bloggers, there is something for everyone.

Added 12th February 2018

Updated 13th December 2020

8 Ways With Pancakes
We love pancake day. Actually we love pancakes any time! When it comes to pancake day though we love to do something different than just traditional lemon and sugar.

Here are 8 recipes for delicious pancakes, some are our recipes and others are from some of our favourite bloggers! whether you like sweet or savoury, you are sure to find one to fit your tastes in this lovely lot!


First up we have two different ones made from a mix which is a bit different, Sweetpea Pantry's Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix.

Both of these ones are simple to make, the packet mix is gluten free, made from Buckwheat, Flax and Quinoa, it also has no added sugar and you just need to add milk and egg, if you do it with a "flax egg" or banana, they are also vegan.

Our first version was made crepe style according to the packet mix and we added sliced banana, honey and dairy free chocolate spread to it, very sweet and indulgent but perfect for pancake day.

The second version we made with dairy free milk, we followed the directions to make them American style. We topped this one with Asda Lactose Free Strawberry Greek Yogurt and Sweet Freedom Chocolate Spread, finished off with a strawberry or two! A lovely lactose free option, you could change the yogurt to a soya one to make it fully dairy free.

You can find the Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix in Sainsburys.


Not everyone likes sweet pancakes, so how about some Chinese style ones. Duck goes amazingly well with pancakes and is popular in Chinese restaurants.The pancakes are just a basic crepe style mix then filled with duck breast, cucumber and spring onions topped off with a hoisin sauce we made from scratch.

Hoisin Duck Pancakes Recipe


Here's a slightly different way of doing pancakes, how about in a jar! Fun for all the family, put all the ingredients in a jar, shake and then fry. It's like having those old pancake shakers that lazy people use but with the homemade aspect to it. You could make absolutely any sort of pancake you like with this and have fun with the kids at the same time!

Free From Fairy Pancakes in a Jar Recipe


A popular one with only three ingredients, you can actually make it with just the two but we find the flour makes it a bit thicker. All it takes is a banana, egg and some flour and there you have, super quick and flavoursome pancakes, gorgeous topped with a little honey and served with more fruit, or even with Nutella.

Banana Panckes Recipe


I love Scotch Pancakes, you could buy them but they are much more fun to make, Glutarama has a fab recipe for them, using just a few simple ingredients, quick and easy to make and perfect for breakfast or dessert! Why not serve with Bacon and Maple Syrup for a slightly more savoury American Style pancake or why not a Black Forest inspired topping of cherries, chocolate and whipped cream!

Glutarama's Scotch Pancakes Recipe


Easy nutty variation of pancakes, we loved this one kept simple, a quick pancake mix with added almond extract and some deliciously nutritious dried apricots topped off with some flaked almonds. You could do this like a crepe style pancake but we think it works really well as small American Style pancakes.

Apricot and Almond Pancakes Recipes


Becky Excell has some lovely recipes and this is one delicious savoury pancake dish, made with goats milk, these pancakes are great if you are lactose intolerant. Almost like a pizza, topped with goats cheese and dried tomato this could be a little piece of heaven to some people, pizza combined into a pancake!

Becky Excell's Goats Milk Pancake Recipe

What are your favourite pancakes? Sweet or savoury? Let us know in the comments!

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