Sausage Rolls
Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls

Posted On: 22nd December 2014
Recipe By: Jamie Peters

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Gluten free puff pastry is not easy to make and takes some patience, this recipe uses a puff pastry that puffs but not as much as another recipe we use but is perfect for sausage rolls, this recipe is also dairy free which cannot be accomplished with our other puff pastry recipe due to it needing proper butter.

This recipe is...

Low SugarLow Sugar
Dairy FreeDairy Free


225g gluten free plain flour
Pinch salt
1/2tsp xanthan gum
350g dairy free spread
150ml ice cold water
3 gluten free sausages (I used Heck 97% pork)
1 egg for sealing and glazing

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 40 Mins
Cooking Time: 30 Mins
This recipe makes 12 sausage rolls

This recipe is free from...

Tree Nuts


1. Sift together the flour, salt and xanthan gum, put in the fridge for a few minutes.

2. Break the spread into chunks as best as possible, add to the flour mix and with a round ended knife lightly mix so the butter chunks get coated in flour.

3. Pour in the water and work quickly to combine the mixture using a round ended knife, the mix will be pretty sticky but you should be able to bring it all together with your hands to make a rough dough.

4. Turn the dough out onto a work surface dusted with flour and squash the dough into a fat, flat sausage, wrap in cling film and chill for 15 mins.

5. Flour work surface and pastry and roll out in one direction only until about 1cm thick and three times its original length. Straighten sides with your hands to try and keep as straight as possible, with the long side facing you (as if it is an open book),fold the left third across and the right third the opposite way, sprinkle a little flour on top to stop rolling pin sticking.

6. Repeat previous step 4 times to make a smooth dough with buttery streaks. If the dough gets springy, chill for 10 minutes before continuing.

7. Chill the rolled out pastry for at least an hour before use.

8. Cut the pastry into 3 sections, skin the sausages and place a sausage on top of each piece of pastry. Brush a little egg or water on the edge of the pastry and roll, press gently on the edge to seal, cut off any remaining pastry at the ends. Repeat with the other sausages.

9. Cut each roll into 4 pieces, brush the top with a little egg and place on a greased baking tray egg side down and brush the top side.

10. Bake in the oven on gas mark 4 for 20-30 minutes, until pastry is golden and sausage is cooked through. The pastry won\'t puff as much as normal puff pastry but should puff up more than shortcrust does.

Soya spread can be replaced with normal margarine if dairy free is not required

Nutritional info per sausage roll


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I know this sounds silly not to good at cooking what is gas mark 4 in electric.

Debbie - 23rd July 2015

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