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Seven Places to Eat Gluten Free in Edinburgh

I adore Edinburgh, I love it, and not just because they have pandas at the zoo, it is a stunning city and when it comes to gluten free it has to be one of the best cities, it is so easy to find gluten free, and I have so many favourite places, so here's a few plus a couple that come very highly rated from other Coeliacs.

Added 30th September 2018
Updated 10th November 2020

Seven Places to Eat Gluten Free in Edinburgh
A few months ago I wrote a blog about Seven Places to Eat Gluten Free on the Isle of Anglesey, I thought I'd come back to the idea and do one for another one of my favourite places in the UK, Edinburgh!

Me and my partner both love Edinburgh and we've have been a few times now, we try to go there at least once a year, I haven't been to every place I've mentioned in this blog, but I have been to most of them! However all the ones mentioned have been mentioned to be countless times by other Coeliacs.

These are just some of my favourite places (that I've tried or heard about), but there are so many more, we've got, at the time of writing, 25 places to eat listed in the Edinburgh (including the city and suburbs) section of our Where to Eat guide, if your favourite isn't mentioned, or even missing entirely from our Where to Eat guide, let us know in the comments!

1. Sugar Daddy's Bakery
Sugar Daddy's is an amazing 100% gluten free bakery, plus, most of the options are also vegans, when I visited I was spoilt for choice, its so nice been able to walk in and not have to worry about what I can and can't have.

Since it's a bakery, the majority of the products in the bakery are sweet treats, brownies, blondies, cakes etc, but there have all kinds of cakes you can't easily get gluten free unless you make them yourself, and they are so nice. They also have a weekly fresh bread delivery, and more!

They're not located right in the center of the city, but a short walk out of the city, I think it took us 15 - 20 minutes to walk there from Waverley station when we visited.

This week they have also opened another store in Edinburgh, again completely gluten free, but it also has seating and does sandwiches as well as all the other 100% gluten free items.

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2. GF
This great little honeypot is located just yards from Haymarket station, its another 100% gluten free eatery with fresh, hot and cold food to eat in or takeaway, including sandwiches, panini's, pasta dishes and more.

We had a great lunch of Paninis' and cake for dessert when we visited, like when we visited Sugar Daddy's a year previously, it was great being able to walk in and be able to choose from anything on the menu.

After we'd finished our lunch we went and spoke to the owner, he was lovely, and him and his staff will do anything they can to help you eat safely.

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3. MUM's Great Comfort Food
The first time we visited Edinburgh we had a lovely evening meal at MUM's, famous for its bangers and mash, it prides itself on 'mum's favourite' type meals at reasonable prices.

When we visted 13 out of the 15 varieties of bangers and mash available on the menu were gluten free, aswell as stews (minus dumplings), fish, haggis, plus a few desserts.

Its right in the center of the city and easy to find, so if you get chance, pay a visit!

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4. Mammas Pizza
With this one the clue is in the name, with fabulous gluten free pizza and pasta dishes available, Mammas Pizza is located right in the heart of the Grassmarket area, and it is one I hear a lot of people talk about when gluten free in Edinburgh is mentioned.

As well as the pizza and pasta, Mammas also offer gluten free desserts and even beer, with their menu they actually mark what isn't gluten free, rather than what is, which tells you a lot about whats on offer!

I've not been yet, but if I can persuade my partner to go next time we're in town we'll hopefully visit!

5. Loudons
Loudons is another one I hear mentioned a lot when people ask about Gluten Free in Edinburgh, located not quite in the heart of the city, but not too far away.

They've got a large variety of gluten free options available, including breakfasts, sandwiches, pancakes, pasta and more. From what I here they also have amazing staff and are very good when it comes to cross contamination.

Again, this is one I haven't had the chance to visit yet, but hopefully I will one day!

6. Eteaket
The first time we were planning on visting Edinburgh I'd found about this place by accident, we'd had lunch at a cafe in the Brecon Beacons and they served Eteaket tea, and it was one of the nicest brews I'd ever had, when I was researching the company I saw they had a full cafe in Edinburgh, where we planning on going on holiday too a couple of months later, and after checking their menu I was surprised, and happy to see they had gluten free options.

Located in the heart of the city, just off George street its a cosy little cafe with a great atmosphere, they've got a variety of sandwiches available, a few hot meals, plus afternoon teas!

They're most well known for their teas, and their tea menu is actually larger than their food menu, but they've got lots of unusual, but very yummy flavours on offer.

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7. Pumpkin Brown
The final one I hear mentioned a lot is Pumpkin Brown, located close to the Castle, its another cafe in Edinburgh that is 100% gluten free, and is also completely dairy free and uses no refined sugar!

Their menu is full of delicious sounding salads and hot meals and is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area!

And that's it for seven of our favourite gluten free places in Edinburgh! Our where to eat guide currently has almost 2,000 listings all over the UK and Ireland, all places are suggested by other Coeliacs, and we verify them all to see if they Gluten Free and that they take the proper precautions, but it isn't always possible to check everything thoroughly. Places change all the time so we can't guarantee that every place listed still cater to Coeliacs. We do try and go through the listings every few months and weed out any closed locations, but its a time consuming job. Your recommendations through our Place Request form is what keeps the Where to Eat guide going and up to date, so if you've got any places to add, or know of anywhere that has changed or shut down, please let us know, so we can let everyone else know!

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