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Eteaket 41 Frederick Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh , EH2 1EP
Eteaket, amazing herbal teas and fabulous gluten free afternoon teas!
Eteaket Edinburgh, Scotland

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Eteaket - Edinburgh, Scotland

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41 Frederick Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh , EH2 1EP
0131 2262982
Eteaket Website
If I am honest I would never have heard of this place if I hadn't been to Honey Cafe in Powys, Wales and had a cup of amazing peppermint tea, I love my herbal teas and this particular brand, Eteaket, was really good, so good I left that cafe with a couple of boxes and on examining noticed they were made in Edinburgh.

Chocolate tea at Eteaket, Edinburgh
Chocolate tea
While on a trip there I thought I'd look into them and maybe buy some more tea while we were up there, after checking their website for the details I found that they also had a cafe, and even better, offered gluten free, bonus! The cafe isn't exactly in the city centre, though it isn't far away, only maybe a street or two from the main centre so it was easy to find.

The place was really busy when we went, but the staff were still happy and smiling, I asked about the gluten free and the guy said, sure that would be no problem and then led us to a little table in the corner and handed us a menu.

Gluten free afternoon tea at Eteaket, Edinburgh
Afternoon tea, mix of GF sandwiches, GF scones, cake and macaroons
The menu had a wide variety and there was pretty much a gluten free option for everything, including sandwiches, jacket potatoes and cakes. I decided on an afternoon tea and then faced the choice of choosing a tea to go with it, with nearly 50 varieties, that wasn't easy! Settling for chocolate tea we placed our order with a lovely lady who assured me that my afternoon tea would be prepped away from gluten ingredients and showed me the cakes at the front which were both covered and separated to prevent cross contamination.

There was a fair wait, it was a wet day and busy so it was understandable, our tea arrived with an egg timer, and the waiter explained that all their tea should be brewed for exactly three minutes which is why they give you an egg timer. I did as he said and the tea was perfect (and I ended up leaving with an expensive bag of their chocolate tea to go with the peppermint).

My afternoon tea arrived complete with a mix of sandwiches, ham, cheese, salmon, all on gluten free bread, an amazing gluten free scone, a slab of Victoria sponge and two macaroons.

Gluten free Victoria sponge and macaroons at Eteaket, Edinburgh
Victoria sponge and macaroons
I must say the whole thing was delicious, the scone you couldn't tell was gluten free, it was just like eating a normal scone, but the cake was divine, it was so soft it was impossible to tell it was gluten free at all, I was honestly expecting to be ill, thinking they had given me the wrong cake but I wasn't, no problems at all! The two little macaroons were also amazing, apparently they are made using their strawberry and cream tea infusion and they were really good, reminded me of the macaroon stalls you get on the Christmas markets!

Eteaket is definitely worth visiting even if it's just to try their amazing teas, their gluten free offering is a bonus to enjoy on top of the tea, they know what they are doing and the food is delicious, we'll be back when we can!

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