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Sugar Daddy's Bakery 5 Rodney St, Edinburgh, EH7 4EA
100% gluten free bakery with amazing cakes and locally made Coeliac friendly bread
Sugar Daddy's Bakery Edinburgh, Scotland

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Sugar Daddy's Bakery - Edinburgh, Scotland

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5 Rodney St, Edinburgh, EH7 4EA
0131 6296789
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Finding a bakery who offer gluten free is always good, finding a bakery which is 100% gluten free is a pure bonus. Sugar Daddies falls into the latter option, everything is completely gluten free and if you have ever been somewhere which is 100% GF then you will know just how hard it is to choose what to get! What's more, if you are vegan, you won't struggle for options as the majority of cakes are also vegan.

Gluten free chocolate chip cookie at Sugar Daddys, Edinburgh
Gluten free chocolate chip cookie
Sugar Daddies isn't in the centre of Edinburgh, as we found on a rainy day it is a good 20 mins outside the city (and the walk back involves lots of hills if you are walking), however the journey was worth every wet moment, I literally walked in and spent 10 minutes looking in the cabinet unable to decide what to have. At one point I'd even decided to have one of each! However I did change my mind and eventually whittled it down to 5.

The bakery has little room to eat in and it was all full when I was there so we took all the cakes out, sure we could demolish them all later on. The chap behind the counter still laughing at my indecisiveness, boxed up my mango, lemon and rose and death by chocolate cupcakes, banoffee blondie and chocolate chip cookie. He then pointed out he also offered bread, a variety of different rolls, bloomers and slices loaves, which he buys in from a local baker.
Various gluten free cakes, cookie and bread at Sugar Daddys, Edinburgh
Various gluten free cakes, cookie and bread
Since it's not often we can get fresh gluten free bread I added a tiger bloomer to my order (I didn't get to sample that for over 24 hours, but when I did, it was beautifully soft, just like proper bread!).

Paying £12 for the lot which we didn't think was too bad, we left and look off in the rain again. By the time I got back to where I was staying many hours later and opened the box the cakes had tipped up and got a little squashed (mango one didn't even make the photos it was so squashed!), however it did not deter my boyfriend and I from eating them, if anything it made us more determined, well now they were a bit damaged they needed eating didn't they?!

Everyone one of the cakes was so moist and tasty, the mango was gorgeous and the lemon and rose was delightful certainly a flavour I had never tried before but won't hesitate to have again. The cookie was both soft and crunchy, just perfect for a cookie! I really was beginning to wish I had got one of each so I could have tried it all.

I really wish I lived closer to Edinburgh, the choice in the bakery was amazing and I would love to be able to frequent it, even just for a cake and a loaf of bread once in a while. If you live close (or closeish) make sure you visit.

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