McVities Hobnobs Chocolate | Product Review

McVities Hobnobs Chocolate | Product Review

I used to love Hobnobs so it is about time they brought out a gluten free version and I can confirm they they are very good however they are pricey.
Cost 3/5
Very high at £1.69 for plain and £2.19 for a box of 8 biscuits

Availability 3.5/5
Waitrose are only stockists, and even then not all stores have them.

Taste 4.5/5
Like regular hobnobs, but we found them a little sugary.

Appearance 4.5/5
Nicely boxed, but only 8 in a box and so much wasted space!

Our Overall Rating 4/5

A Closer Look...

We've been waiting to get our hands on these ever since McVitie's announced them a few weeks ago. They finally started drifting into Waitrose stores earlier this week but they are still hard to come by with only bigger stores seeming to stock them (we went a few days ago and they weren't in stock but on our second visit they were in).

Anyway, when we finally got them home we were barely in the house five minutes before we just had to try them. Unlike normal hobnobs these come in a cardboard box with a plastic tray and wrapping inside, good to help with cross contamination I suppose but terrible when it leave room for a whole 8 biscuits, compared to a good 20 or more in a regular pack for about half the price of these, so for the cost of them we found them pricey (works out at about 40p a biscuit!)

In looks they are no different to normal hobnobs, even in size they are round about the same so they haven't reduced that down. The texture too was just like normal hobnobs, although my mother said they did seem harder than normal ones.

The taste was just like I remember regular hobnobs being, very crunchy and oaty! I did think they tasted more sugary but when we compared nutritional values to normal Hobnobs the sugar content was exactly the same, really the only difference to regular was gluten free oats instead of normal and oat flour instead of wheat flour. Like I mentioned the taste was as I expected, just like normal hobnobs, if you have never had the normal ones or can't remember what they taste like then I can officially say they don't taste any different.

They will make great tea dipping biscuits, the plain especially, I suspect they will soak the tea up nicely unlike a lot of gluten free biscuits!

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