McVitie's announce Gluten Free Hobnobs!

McVitie's announce Gluten Free Hobnobs!

From 1st July 2016 McVities will have gluten free hobnobs on the free from shelves. Exciting times! Hobnobs have to be one the top biscuits that people have wanted gluten free.

Posted On: 6th June 2016
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From the 1st of July McVitie's are releasing some gluten free biscuits.... Hobnobs! In both Milk Chocolate and their regular forms, but 100% Gluten Free!

Even though they are advertised to be released on the 1st July, some UK Supermarkets are apparently rolling out the new products out from next week, so keep a look out! We hope they aren't outrageously priced either, so we can all afford a good biccie.

Unfortunately though for those of you that can't tolerate oats, this isn't the best news, since hobnobs are traditionally oat based, we presume these will be the same as regular Hobnobs, but replacing the recipe with gluten free oats, so no escaping those pesky oats unfortunately

McVitie's Director Kerry Owens said "The free-from sweet biscuit segment is one that continues to expand, with 55% of UK consumers now open to buying gluten-free products. As the market leader in the main biscuit aisle, free-from is an important sector for us to expand into, to ensure McVitie's moments are open to all of our consumers with specific dietary requirements"

Hopefully this will mean McVitie's will start doing more gluten free biscuits and the hobnobs are just the beginning, maybe from this we will get a proper digestive biscuit in the future!

EDIT: Find out where to get the hobonbs in this blog post!

Your Comments

Can't wait for the hob nobs to be on sale, plz post on here when they do, then off to the shops I goooooo.

Anne - 6th June 2016

It would be even better if they have made them milk and soya free then it would reach even more people

Linda - 6th June 2016

Thank goodness. Can't wait to try them. Best news I've had today.

Anne Smart - 6th June 2016

This is great news

Neela - 6th June 2016

Thank you so much for the GF hob nobs but pleeeeease keep bringing out more GF biccies xx

Denise Basnett - 7th June 2016

Lactose free and soya free too please

Kerry wheatcroft - 7th June 2016

GF ginger nuts and I'd be in heaven :)

Kim Lafferty - 7th June 2016

Do you have any free samples? As a coeliac I would love to try them.

Charlotte Gawenda - 7th June 2016
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 8th June 2016

Hi Charlotte, we don't supply sample we only update you on the news. Best contacting McVities on this one see if they can help you out.

Great news can't wait to try that I hope they are affordable to my budget.

Maureen Mellars - 7th June 2016

Hobnobs is a plural. There should not be an apostrophe in it.

Tam - 7th June 2016
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 8th June 2016

You can blame my fiancé for not knowing his grammar on that one, I left him in charge of writing it while I went to an appointment!

Fantastic news as I was very ill just eating one of your normal biscuits. However, I am gluten and dairy intolerant. Are these okay for me to eat or is there
dairy in them.

Thank you

Charmaine Jones - 9th June 2016
Jamie @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 9th June 2016

Hi Charmaine,

We are not McVitie's, we are simply sharing the news that they have announced that Gluten Free Hobnobs are coming out. McVities have only confirmed that the new Hobnobs are Gluten Free, I suggest you contact McVities themselves to see if they are dairy free.

I simply cannot wait!!! The drooling has started

Linda Newman - 10th June 2016

Anyone know what shops as I can't find them

Lisa Mayell - 13th July 2016

Where can u get them ,I have been looking since 1st of july

Sharon Mcteer - 26th July 2016
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 26th July 2016

Waitrose have had them in since the beginning of the month, and Tesco's started getting them from end of last week (22nd July). In Waitrose they are with the regular biscuits, in Tesco they are with the free from.

Excellent taste and texture .
Very tasty for gluten free

The best so far .
Thank you

Nikki phillips - 31st July 2016

Great to hear you have brought out a gluten free biscuit. I really hope it is dairy free too as many people who have wheat intolerance also have a dairy allergy.

Carol Simmons - 2nd August 2016
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 2nd August 2016

Hi Carol, the plain Hobnobs are gluten free, however the chocolate ones aren't.

Great to see more items and companies taking on board gluten free needs for all ages

Catherine lafferty - 3rd August 2016

I really appreciate this post. I've been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You've made my day! Thanks again! ddfeaaaddeeekdbe

Smithd279 - 2nd September 2016

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