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Where To Buy McVities Gluten Free Hobnobs

If you are having trouble find the new gluten free hobnobs we can help you out, find out exactly where you can buy them from right here!

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Added 17th July 2016

Updated 10th November 2020

Where To Buy McVities Gluten Free Hobnobs
A month or so ago we posted that McVities had announced that they were producing gluten free hobnobs. From the 1st of July they started drifting into a few shops but no one knew where they were going to appear, then they started appearing in Waitrose a few days later. Unfortunately not all stores got them in but if you have a good sized Waitrose (not a local store), there is a fair chance they will appear if they haven't yet, BUT they won't be down the free from aisle like a lot of you will be expecting, make sure you check the regular biscuit aisle as that is where we and loads of other people have found them.

We have heard via good old Twitter that hobnobs will be in Tesco stores as well as Waitrose from the 25th July, keep checking from this date but you might find it will be a week or two after this date before they start appearing, hopefully they will be cheaper than Waitrose from here too.

With Waitrose selling them we might also assume Ocado will also sell them with them being a subsidiary company, however at the moment they aren't available on there but maybe some point in the future too.

The biscuits themselves are costly at £2.19 for 8 chocolate hobnobs or £1.69 for 10 plain hobnobs, but they are nice, however no good if you cannot tolerate gluten free oats. Plain ones are also dairy free as well as gluten free.

We hope they will also appear in Morrisons, Asda and Sainsburys at some point but at the moment there has been no word on any of these three stocking them so for now it is Waitrose or waiting a few weeks for Tesco to stock them. Happy Hobnob Hunting!

Read our review of the chocolate hobnobs here!

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