Greggs September 2016 Gluten Free Release

Greggs September 2016 Gluten Free Release

Greggs the bakers finally have some gluten free goodies coming out, unfortunately they are not as exciting as some of their regular products.

Posted On: 12th September 2016
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After months of hearing that Greggs are planning on releasing a gluten free range, it is finally starting to happen! We caught wind earlier today that some products were going to be released into Greggs stores as early as next week but being ever sceptical we asked Greggs on Twitter and they confirmed that what we heard was indeed true.

So keep your eyes out, from 20th September Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies and Toffee Popcorn Crispie bars will be available in Greggs stores, these sweet choices will be individually wrapped to prevent cross contamination and Greggs said themselves a few months back they would only release Gluten Free items if they could produce them safely in the factories and avoid cross contamination, so I think it is safe to assume that they managed to do that.

At the same time of hearing about the release date we also heard rumours of a price, it is believed that they will cost £1, though we're not sure whether this is for one or a multi pack though, I'd guess that we will find out next week!

Greggs have said that they are hoping to do savoury items, but these don't seem to be included in this first release, so fingers crossed sandwiches or something get released at a later date when they get an idea of how well a gluten free line will sell. We will update you with more information when we find it out.

Check out these two blogs if you want to find out more about the planned gluten free. Update on Greggs Gluten Free, posted on the 2nd August and Truth about Greggs Gluten Free and Patisserie Valerie's GF Venture, from way back in January!

Your Comments

thankyou i be waiting 12 years please make a steak bake

nicola - 12th September 2016


KENNETH MASON - 12th September 2016

Would love some savoury food, like sausage rolls, cheese and onion pies etc, really miss these since I have been gluten intolerant.

Theresa Pitchley - 12th September 2016

I was hoping for more savoury then sweet

Kerrie - 12th September 2016

That is the same as Cafe Nero - and most other cafe's, so no change there in the variety of food on the go for Coeliacs. In a baker's where they sell sandwiches, pasty and pies, why do they think we want to eat yet another brownie or an over sweet, unfilling popcorn bar. Sorry, but I am disappointed so far Greggs.

Ellen Palmer - 12th September 2016

It's appreciated that greggs are trying this, but brownies really, everyone always does GF ones, it's about time that more savoury items were down, as brownies are much too sweet and they are everywhere

Jenny Wilkins - 12th September 2016

Please us coeliacs need this! I will even advise you on what to do in your factories. I make gluten free food everyday and know all about cross contamination. You will be up there as one of the first to sell these products. We need your pasties etc. I cook cakes and breads everyday for customers and k ow how common it is now. Thank you.

Shelley jones - 12th September 2016

Where are they made - by Greggs in a special kitchen that's gluten free or are they made for them under license ?

David Harris - 12th September 2016

Hi it would be great if you can do some savory things to as not everyone likes sweet things x look forward to more g free things in the near future xx

julie Graves - 12th September 2016

It would have been healthier to have savory rolls and sandwiches first . So at least people with this allergy can eat a decent lunch, you can buy gluten free sweet stuffs in the supermarkets , alas not sandwiches. Maybe some serious marketing help is needed by you. Although it is great you are aware of-demand for gluten free products maybe before you put out that you were going to be selling gluten free ,it might have been wise to do a range that covers the basics of a pick up lunch. To much hype and notvenough action. Sadly.

Jo sowton - 12th September 2016

It's savoury that we want, not sweet. Please listen to the public. We miss pastry, we want sandwiches !!!

Pauline Quy - 13th September 2016

Why oh why is it always gf chocolate brownies that's on offer to Gf patients - anywhere you go in cafes it's chocolate brownies! Oh for a different choice - can't stand brownies!!!

Chotie Freitas - 20th September 2016

To day 20th Sep. I had a g.f toffee popcorn and chocolate brownie and they are both very nice. this is the first day they are on sale and hope they can do more shortly

Terry moore - 20th September 2016

Got to agree with majority of comments. Pies and pasties please and not ridiculously overpriced!!

Stephen Drury - 20th September 2016

Gregg's I think this is wonderful news however massively diassappinted it's not savoury yet as I wouldn't buy pudding without the sand which , my daughter is 8 and coeliac and I treasure the day we can come in and buy lunch as a family so thanks in advance and I pray you conquer the quest !

Becky - 20th September 2016

as a retired emploee of Greggs, I am pleased to see you are starting to sell Gluton free . I havenot bee able to shop at my local Greggs since i was diagnosed Coeliac as there was
n othing for me to have.
looking forward to be able to have cakes in the future

Eve Nash - 26th September 2016

Agree with most people here. OH hates the sweet stuff, especially chocolate brownies. He has fond memories of sausage rolls and pies, now forbidden. Come on Greggs, some savoury products, please - and I don't mean baked potatoes!

MillyMollyMandy - 11th October 2016

Pathetic Greggs! All the hype back in January about introducing a gluten free range. Brownies and a pocorn bar? Don't bother mentioning gluten free again until you have a "proper" range.

Jacqui - 8th December 2016

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