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Update on Greggs Gluten Free

Update on Greggs Gluten Free

Greggs have announced they plan to release some gluten free options into their bakeries, hopefully we get something more exciting than a brownie.

Added 2nd August 2016
Updated 10th November 2020

Back in January there were reports that Greggs were releasing gluten free products which we reported on this blog and Greggs confirmed to us on twitter that they were looking into it and would offer gluten free if they could do it safely.

Back in May Gregg's Chief Executive Roger Whiteside announced to Insider,

"We are working away at it and we are currently looking at different options. There are a lot of regulations and constraints around this type of product.

"Regulations had changed halfway through our developments but we are still definitely looking into a gluten-free range and the first product will be a sweet one. We will start with that."

And in recent days this news has come to light again via Mr Whiteside,

"There will be new soups and we're going to revamp our snack range, going own-label on crisps and introducing nuts and fruits packets. We'll also see the first gluten-free products launch in the second half of the year"

Since it has been the second half of the year for over a month now hopefully we will be seeing Gregg's release gluten free products soon, according to this Chronicle Live article, Mr Whiteside also said that "The gluten-free offerings will be sweet options. Gluten-free is a complicated area but we'll have wrapped products as part of the sweet catalogue" so hopefully they are suitable for Coeliacs as well as gluten intolerant, fingers crossed for that.

Despite Chronicle Live stating Mr Whiteside said Gluten Free will be sweet offerings this article from the telegraph also states some that they are,

"also toying with selling sushi, which it says fits with customers' changing tastes, and introducing a gluten-free range of wrap options."

With the launch of new soups and snacks too, Coeliacs might finally be able to eat at a regular high street bakery safely.

Hopefully we don't get offered just the regular brownie in the way of cakes either and we get something different for a change! Watch this space, we will update you with more info when we have it!

Your Comments

I would love to see a range of gluten free sandwiches it's impossible to get a snack when out and about,also only the bigger supermarkets sell gluten free so if you were to role it out to some of your smaller branches that would be brilliant too,really miss your lovely food but unfortunately Now I have this condition it makes me really ill,so
Please try your best to help!
hazel pickard
10th October 2017
What's happened to Heinz gluten free pasta?
Tracy Cartwright
16th September 2016
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 17th September 2016

We were told a few weeks ago on our visit to Morrisons HQ that Heinz discountinued it due to the number of complaints they recieved about the products taste and texture, they are planning on seeing if its possible to change the recipe.

Can't wait for this to happen, I'm coealic and have missed eating a greggs for years. Hopefully savoury things will be added to as it's very difficult to find a decent sandwich when you are out. Sara wilson, Edinburgh
Sara wilson
13th September 2016
If your son medically needs to eat gluten free then he should have gluten free food on prescription, have you asked his GP about this? This would not only include bread but other staple foods like gluten free pasta. There will be info on Ceoliac UK website.
Carolynn Cruickshank -Gray
5th September 2016
I think it good that are are doing gluten free but they don't much for people who do not eat meat and gluten free foods cost 4times as much one of my kids has to have gluten free and a loaf of bread cost me £2.50as I don't not ha bank account I can't by on line iv tryed to get a Bank account lots of time s but because I don't have photo I'd I can't get one
Hayley Joanna perkins
4th August 2016
Would luv to try a gluten free baguette
Yvonne gittins
2nd August 2016