Truth about Greggs Gluten Free and Patisserie Valerie's GF Venture

Truth about Greggs Gluten Free and Patisserie Valerie's GF Venture

Greggs are to start trialing gluten free products and Patisserie Valerie are to release a range of gluten free cakes into their stores.

Posted On: 17th January 2016
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A few articles have been popping up recently about Greggs offering gluten free options later this year, Greggs confirmed the articles are only partially right when we posted the article on Twitter, tagging them in the post at the same time. Their response to that was:

Many Coeliacs have also been questioning Greggs via email concerned about whether they will be able to safely cater to Coeliacs with all the potential cross contamination. Greggs have been replying with the same reply to everyone including me:

"Press reports are partly accurate in that we are looking at gluten free trials, however, it may be that we are not able to comply with the strict cross contamination regime demanded by the gluten free claim. If that is the case we will look to trial products made without gluten but they could not be recommended to customers with a medical allergy to gluten."

So, Coeliacs, don't hold your hopes up too high, you could be in for a big disappointment, these trials could mean no GF gets implemented in stores or could mean they sell gluten free which isn't suitable for Coeliacs. However, it could also mean they manage to suitably implement options which would be fab, a nice steak slice wouldn't go amiss in my book!

We hope Greggs do manage to work things out with it, I'm sure a lot of Coeliacs will appreciate the choice of a fast option while out and about since we are very limited, so far we don't know of a timescale all we know is trials will be probably be this year.

EDIT: As of 2nd August 2016 there has been an update from Greggs in regard to their gluten free plans, please see this blog for details.

Gloriously gluten free at Patisserie Valerie

On a brighter note, from tomorrow (Monday 18th Jan) Patisserie Valerie are introducing a Gluten Free range named "Gloriously Gluten Free" which will include 5 different options; brownie, muffin, ginger biscuit, marble cake and flapjack. Compared to the rest of their amazing definitely not gluten free range which includes many fancy cakes, tarts, croissants, macaroons and brioche, it isn't that inspiring, but it's definitely more options than you get in most places! I'm quite looking forward to trying marble cake if I'm honest.

From pictures we have seen it looks like they may be served in their own boxes to prevent cross contamination, something we are keeping our fingers crossed for, hopefully they won't do something silly like put them flush up against all that nasty gluteny stuff, we also hope the staff training is up to par so they know how to deal with allergens properly.

A few people have asked if they are going to be dairy free options too, to us it doesn't look like any of the GF offerings are going to be suitable, but you never know, hopefully at least SOMETHING is suitable for those Coeliacs who are also lactose intolerant.

We will keep you updated about both places and their gluten free ventures when we know more.

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Give Beefys pie shop Australia a Google to see how you can safely sell gf versions along side no gf items. We need a Beefys in the UK!!

Lyndsey - 17th January 2016

I'm a little disappointed on both counts. First, gluten free is only necessary or in any sense a healthy life choice if you suffer from a genuine allergy/intolerance to it or if you have coeliac disease. In view of that, the fact that Greggs aren't necessarily planning to make absolutely sure that their gluten free options are safe for coeliacs, etc, it seems a little as though it's a mere marketing ploy, catering for those who think it's a 'healthier' option.

And given that Patisserie Valerie make so many incredible-looking gluten free cakes, it's a little bit of a let-down that they aren't going that small extra distance to make something equally impressive for coeliacs. Without wishing to be rude, there's nothing in their gluten free range that I can't (and don't regularly) make myself. If I'm going to pay for a gluten free item from a fancy French patisserie, it shouldn't be something I can easily make at home.

That said, it's nice to see they're making an effort, at least.

Vikki Cook - 17th January 2016
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 17th January 2016

I agree with you on both. Greggs should make sure they can cater to Coeliacs thats what gluten free should be about. As for Patisserie Valerie, it is disappointing they could have done some fabulous options and not stuck to basic.

It would be great if you could make your sausage rolls for us coeliacs and wrap them so they dont touch normal foods .cant wait to see if you will because there is a lot of folk out there with food intolarances

Norah waite - 17th January 2016

Please do look in to this i loved greggs before i was diagnosed but please consider the cross contamination can be worse than eating purposely.

catherine allinson - 17th January 2016

I ate at Patisserie Valerie today - I had the marble cake and it did come in its own box. It is disappointing that they don't do fancier cakes , but good that they are starting to try.

Kate - 30th January 2016

Nothing is egg free in Greggs no good for Vegetrians

Kam Thiara - 2nd August 2016

Just visited Valerie patisserie in Belfast. Such a disappointment as obvious they staff know very little about coeliacs in the restaurant. Itself. Only choice of two mediocre cakes - brownie or muffin available. Was frustrating experience to see All those yummy cake slabs and extensive choice for everyone else and know I never can try. Sorry but our family won't be back as they felt unfair to me. No worries as loads places now cater for gf options in and around belfast with better quality and lower prices.

Meg - 14th August 2016

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