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Gluten Free Isle of Wight

On a recent trip to Isle of Wight I was super impressed by the amount of gluten free on offer on the Isle of Wight. For such a small area it isn't half Coeliac friendly and certainly one of the easiest parts of the UK I have managed to eat in. It is a bit like a coeliacs paradise!

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Gluten Free Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight has to be the best place in the UK I have been to when it comes to gluten free. I don't know why, but everywhere here just seems to know what they are doing. Except being separated from the mainland by the channel, I don't get what it different from mainland UK! The rest of the UK seems to struggle with gluten free but Isle of Wight has it nailed.

On our visit there we ate out so much, something I usually don't do on holiday because there is usually limited places but I think most days we ate out somewhere, even if it was just tea and cake.

I didn't get to try everywhere that was suggested to me, there are absolutely loads of places, so here is a guide of all the places I visited and some of the stand out places mentioned by other Coeliacs frequently.

If you are planning a trip there, have a look through this blog and take a look at the where to eat guide where there are loads of places listed which have been recommended by fellow coeliacs (if you have visited any places, in the Isle of Wight or otherwise, why not leave a rating/review over on their listing, they help other coeliacs know where they can trust). I also highly recommend the Facebook group Gluten and Free From Isle of Wight, they are a very helpful bunch and certainly helped me find so many places I felt safe to eat at.


In Cowes you have to visit ComiCoffee (there is also one in Newport), they do the best gluten free waffles! Take a read of my review over on their where to eat listing.

Corries Cabin
Corries cabin is also worth a visit, they do gluten free fish and chips on Tuesdays and Sundays, we visited on a very wet day and ate them in the car! My full review can be found here.

These ones also came highly rated from other Coeliacs when I was researching:-
Captain Pizza - gluten free pizzas
The Lifeboat - lovely gluten free options
Mojacs - loads of gluten free options


I only got to visit Newport the once, we wanted to try Snack and Ladders as I had heard so many rave reviews but unfortunately it was closed for building work, so we ended up at the other branch of ComiCoffee - again highly recommended, see the Cowes review.

Snacks and Ladders
While I didn't get to visit it was so higly commended I have to tell you about it. As well as having board games to play all over the cafe they have an extensive gluten free range, basically the whole menu is available gluten free including build your own pizza and burgers, snacks and paninis. I hope I get to visit if we get back to the island!

Also highly recommended from others are:-

The Blue Door Cafe - options include pancakes
Novo - Isle of Wights answer to Nandos complete with homemade wraps and burgers
Stotesburys Fish and Chips - gluten free fish and chips
Bargeman's Rest - Fantastic range of gluten free options


Not quite in Ryde but on the outskirts is Quarr Abbey which is a must visit!

Quarr Abbey
We went to Quarr Abbey not expecting anything so got a pleasant surprise when we found 5 gluten free cakes in the tea rooms. We did have cake which was lovely but apparently they do sandwiches and things too, very clued up on gluten free! My full review is here.

I didn't get to try anywhere in Ryde itself but these places came highly recommended:-

Karitos - entirely gluten free columbian kitchen!
The Alamo - most dishes can be adapted.


We went Sandown on a day it was red hot and we didn't really want any food so we never ate anywhere properly...only an ice cream which I wanted to cool my sunburn down with!

The Reef
The Reef was hugely raved about to me, unfortunately we didn't get chance to visit but they have a pretty extensive menu with lots of options and must have been suggested to me by 20 people. So definitely a must visit.

Other recommended places passed on to me were:-

Happy Haddock - apparently the best place to get gluten free fish and chips on the island
Pointer Inn - also have a fab range of gluten free on their menu
Pebbles - do gluten free cones (but do remind them about changing gloves and scoops, some of the staff got it, others didn't when I was there)
Melville Hall Hotel - came highly recommended to me for afternoon teas
Bellamy's Bistro - highly knowledgeable and can do most dishes gluten free.


The old town at Shanklin seemed much better for gluten free than the new town, so many definite must tries around here.

Rylstone Crazy Golf and Tea Room
Pretty mcuh everything here has a gluten free option, including crumpets! Such a vast choice, definitely one of the best. I only got to go once and had a scone which was lovely. See my full review here.

The Old Thatch Cottage
I didn't get to try this but I say through the door they had a cabinet for gluten free cakes and stickers everywhere related to gluten free and free from, so looks like a must try when I am next there! Only reason we didn't go was beacuse it was shut each time we made it to Shanklin.

Also highly recommended to me were:-

Blueberrys Cafe - great for sandwiches
Bourne Hall - great at catering to ANY dietary requirements
Pencil Cottage - wide range of glutnen free options
Steamer Inn - great choice for evening meals


We stayed in Ventnor on our trip and a few places we returned too more than once, and still some we didn't get round to trying too.

Crave is a MUST, three times we ended up at this ice cream parlour. All the flavours made on site and change everyday include things like peaches and cream, turkish delight, coconut and so many more! They do through what isn't gluten free, and have gluten free cones. Really know there stuff! Read my full review here.

We went to Toni's a few times on our trip, they do fantastic sandwiches and toasties and also have a few cake options. They can also do take out which is a bonus if you want to eat on the beach. Full review here.

The Wight Mouse
I asked on the Isle of Wight facebook group about somewhere to go close to Ventnor for an anniversary meal and The Wight Mouse was mentioned a few times so that was where we ended up going too. Absolutely amazing burger and the dessert was fantastic, staff were very knowledgeable and helpful too. Read my full review here.

Also mentioned a lot to me but we didn't get to try were:-

The Spyglass Inn - fab gluten free options
Pitt Stop Cafe - do great gluten free breakfasts
Lady Scarletts - lots of gltuen free options and clear labelling
Blackgang Chine Theme Park - there are gluten free options in the park including ice cream if you intend on taking the kids


Gossips Cafe
I only got to have a cafe here but it was lovely, they also do gluten free pizza and a few other options, great one fo you are on the Wight Link Ferry. Full review is here.

I didn't find much round here but we only got to Yarmouth once. The only other one I had quite highly recommended was Jireh's which is a guest house with a tea room. I didn't see anything on the menu outside but apparently do cater well.

There is just so much to try in such a small area! There are no doubt loads I don't know about too! For such a small area, they have a complete different knowledge to the rest of the UK it seems, just need the rest of the mainland to catch up. If you know any other places I don't have on the where to eat guide, Isle of Wight or somewhere else within the UK, feel free to send a request through! The where to eat guide is ever growing and expanding and without other coeliacs input we wouldn't know about these places, it is completely populated by places recommended by other coeliacs and I rely on others to tell me if a place changes or closes too, you can report a place or send suggested edits on any of the places listed within the guide.

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