Five Places To Eat Gluten Free In Whitby

Five Places To Eat Gluten Free In Whitby

Whitby is a gem for Coeliacs, there is so much gluten free food on offer it is remarkable, I don't know of a town with some much gluten free available including loads of chip shops. If you are visiting the North Yorkshire Coast, these are some places you have to try in Whitby.
Whitby really is a gem when you are a Coeliac, the amount of places that offer gluten free is actually incredible. When you think of the size of the town, I've seen much larger cities offer far, far less than this relatively small (in comparison) North Yorkshire town, it really is pretty impressive.

I've been Whitby a lot and tried a fair bit of what's on offer, though I am sure there are even more hidden gems than I know about! I have a few favourites I always go back to when I am there, the two chip shops I have included on here are the ones I always seem to frequent, however can you believe there is no less than five chip shops that do gluten free fish and chips suitable for Coeliacs in this harbour town? It is madness, lucky if you can find one in most places!

I'd be here all day if I was to tell you about everywhere to get gluten free in Whitby, so here are five places you must go when in this beautiful town, I have been to four of the five on this list, the other one I always seem to catch the day it is closed or full to the brim but I have seem so many rave about it it had to be included.

Magpies fish and chips
Magpies fish and chips
Magpies Cafe
1 Pier Road, YO21 3PU

You really can't go Whitby and not have fish and chips, there are plenty of chip shops offering gluten free and in my opinion there are two that do it particularly well, this one is one of them. You will spot Magpies by the queue, it is always long and yes you will have a wait but it is worth it.

Both cafe and takeaway do gluten free, I haven't eaten in the cafe always go takeaway, simply queue with everyone else tell them you want gluten free and they will send someone to the cafe where the dedicated gluten free fryer is to get you fresh gluten free fish and chips, perfect to take down on to the beach!

You can read my review of Magpies here.

Cranberry Swamp
24 Skinner Street, YO21 3AJ

Cranberry Swamp is almost 100% gluten free, but not quite, all the menu is gluten free but they do offer normal bread if people want that instead. They have so much on offer from breakfasts to curry and cakes, it is on of those places you will be spoilt for choice of what to have!

This cafe sits on at the top of West Cliff so it is a little out of the town but not far from a lot of the hotels with amazing sea views, having always been closed or busy when I have trodged up the cliff I haven't tried it but from things I have heard you are in for a treat if you go!

Quayside fish and chips in the cafe
Quayside fish and chips in the cafe
7 Pier Road, YO21 3PU

The second of my favourite chip shops has to be Quayside, this one has won awards for it's fish and chips and again on busy days you will be queuing down the street but the food is worth it.

We have eaten in at this one and you can get amazing fish and chips all cooked in dedicated fryers and they also do some gluten free dessert options, absolutely worth queuing for.

Read my review of Quayside here.

Sandgate Sweet Shop
5 Sandgate, YO22 4DB

Ok, not a cafe but a sweet shop and if you love licorice you need to visit, they do loads of gluten free licorice, I left with so many bag fulls of it!

It's not only licorice though, all the sweets are labelled with gluten free and dairy free stickers so you know if they are safe. If you ask they will pour sweets into the bag rather than the weigh bowl so you can avoid cross contamination. So much variety if you have a sweet tooth like me.

Monks Haven scone
Monks Haven scone
Monks Haven Cafe
148-149 Church Street, YO22 4BH

This little cafe in the town has a lovely selection of gluten free options both savoury and sweet, there isn't a huge choice but what they do have is really good.

They offer sandwiches and also quiche for savoury and do the most amazing scones, even if you go just for a scone it is worth the visit, not all that badly priced either.

Read my reivew of Monks Haven Cafe here.

That is just five places I think you should visit if you are in Whitby, there is loads more than that, you can see more in our where to guide. If you have any other suggestions, let us know!

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