Monks Haven Cafe

Monks Haven Cafe - Whitby, North Yorkshire

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148-149 Church St, Whitby , YO22 4BH
01947 604608

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Monks Haven cake menu
Monks Haven cake menu
Whitby has to be one of the best places in the UK for gluten free, whichever way you turn, whichever eatery you go, you are more than likely to find you can eat there. It is like Coeliac capital of the UK.

On a recent visit I wanted something other than fish and chips (I swear nearly all the chip shops in Whitby do gluten free) and found a few cafes that did gluten free. It is a shame the 100% gluten free cafe there, Walrus and Carpenter, closed, it would have been nice to try there. However Monks Haven certainly made up for any completely gluten free cafe.

They may not be completely gluten free but there wasn't much on the menu they couldn't do gluten free, almost everything had an alternative, from quiches to sandwiches, the menu was clearly marked with what was available gluten free and with so much choice it wasn't easy to choose something to eat.

I settled on a cream tea, I can't resist a scone when faced with a gluten free option. The place was packed but it didn't phase the young waitress who took our order, she said the scones were kept frozen and prepared to order when I asked if they had an gluten free scones (I have been disappointed so many times when places haven't had scones or bread in),taking my order she made sure GF was written clearly on the notepad.

Despite the constant flow of customers the food came out fast, I saw my scone and actually did a double take. When I saw it come out I thought she was going over to someone else, it just couldn't be gluten free. But no, she came right to me and popped in on the table. I had to ask "that is gluten free right?", she smiled and said yes. The size of it! It was HUGE! Gluten free scones are tiny, not these, they were massive and they were the same price as the normal scones.

Gluten free scone with jam and cream
Gluten free scone with jam and cream
The scone had obviously been warmed up due to being kept frozen so it was lovely and warm, it didn't fall apart and tasted delicious. Mandy's Gluten Free really do do the best gluten free scones (they supply Monks haven with the scones and quiches). They are a credit to her, best scones ever, Monks Haven have a winner with those scones and they were only two quid and came with jam and cream. Amazingly priced if you ask me.

Another table had scones after me and theirs were barely half the size, not often gluten free are bigger than normal ones and the same price.

I can't wait to try more stuff from there, see what other delights they offer, they seemed really clued up about cross contamination and had a great variety, food was amazing and excellently priced. Couldn't ask for better. So if you want a change from fish and chips, head to Monks Haven!

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