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The Quayside Chip Shop 7 Pier Rd, Whitby, YO21 3PU
Whitby is full of chip shops offering gluten free, Quayside has to be one of the best ones
The Quayside Chip Shop Whitby, North Yorkshire

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The Quayside Chip Shop - Whitby, North Yorkshire

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7 Pier Rd, Whitby, YO21 3PU
01947 825346
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Having eaten at a few of Whitby's chip shops in the past it was about time I got round to trying Quayside, having won many awards it is apparently the top chip shop to go too, however the queues always put me off going, I'd rather explore than wait forever to get my tea.

Gluten free fish and chips to takeaway from Quayside
Gluten free fish and chips to takeaway from Quayside
Despite the queues I have wanted to eat there for a while, just to see why everyone raves about it. I have actually been twice now, once to the take away and once in the restaurant, but I will combine both visits into the one review.

The first time I went was to the takeaway, it was a beautiful sunny day in August, but we hit Quayside at the right time as the queue was relatively small and we only had to wait about 10 minutes to be served. The little sign in the window about gluten free being an option not an afterthought was nice, a small piece of mind that they took gluten free seriously.

Once we got down the queue, I asked the usual "is gluten free cooked seperately", the guy assured me it was all done seperately, which really I had no doubt about with the amount of Coeliacs I know who had eaten there. He also mentioned they did gluten free vinegar, but since I don't like vinegar on my fish and chips at the best of times I declined that offer.

My wait for my gluten free cod and chips to be freshly cooked was about 15 minutes, no too bad since they were busy and everything is done to order. My order came with a little gluten free sign in it which I loved!

Gluten free fish and chips to eat in from Quayside
Gluten free fish and chips to eat in from Quayside
We sat on the pier to eat the fish and chips and can honestly say they are some of the best fish and chips I have had at Whitby, even giving my favourite Magpies a good run for their money, and possibly even beating them. The batter was gorgeously crispy, not sloppy like some batter and had a beautiful flavour to it and the chips were just fabulous too. After one portion I was all up for eating it again!

On our second visit we opted for eating in, on this particular day there was more of a queue (it was goth weekend so Whitby was unbelievably busy anyway) but it wasn't all down the street like I've seen it before so we decided to queue and eat in (it was raining).

In the short queue it took about 15-20 minutes to be seated. The menu was labelled with all the options that were available gluten free, they were pretty standard options, various types of fish and chips, beans, homemade coleslaw. Unfortunately no curry sauce or gravy, it's always nice to get gluten free gravy on the menu, but unfortunately it isn't on offer here. It was nice to see they did gluten free bread and butter though, or a roll at least, something you don't usually get at the chip shops.

I again opted for cod and chips, but this time with beans. I just told the server I needed gluten free and she put it through on the iPad (which later showed on the receipt) to the kitchen. Food this time took about 20 minutes to cook, again they were busy and everything cooked fesh so I was expecting to wait. When we got the food, it was all piping hot and again it came with the little sign and all the food was delicious, couldn't fault a thing about it.

Gluten free banana split to eat in from Quayside
Gluten free banana split to eat in from Quayside
We weren't going to bother with dessert but decided at last minute to have one, there isn't a lot of choice for gluten free, all the choices are traditional chip shop kind of desserts, the gluten free choices were knickerbocker glory or banana split. Not one to ever turn down a banana split that's what I opted for. Looking at the breakdown on the menu, nothing stood out as containing gluten so I wasn't going to bother asking for gluten free version but a guilty conscience hit me at last second and I did ask for it to be gluten free. My conscience hit when I thought of potential cross contamination, why risk it when I can easily ask for gluten free.

When the dessert arrived 10 or so minutes later I was glad I did ask for gluten free, the chopped nuts were missing, it was only when I noticed they were missing did I remember that some nuts were coated in wheat flour. Thank you conscience for making me ask for gluten free option. Never assume something will be gluten free. The dessert was lovely, definitely not a skimpy portion either, 3 big scoops of ice cream, cream, sauce and of course banana and it was amazing! I'm sure I gained half a stone in half an hour while eating in there!

Overall the food is amazing, I can certainly see why it is one of the top chip shops and won so many awards. All the food was delightful, the staff are great and it was a pleasure to eat at, only maybe slight draw back is they charge a few pence extra for gluten free. Will I return? Definitely, despite there being no lack of gluten free chip shops in Whitby to try!

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Liz Joyce - 8th December 2017
Lovey gluten free fish and chips, very safe, clearly labelled and I totally enjoyed eating here every day on my holiday to Whitby. Trusted place to eat for me being a coeliac.

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