Mad Hatter Tearooms

Mad Hatter Tearooms - Chester, Cheshire

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49 Bridge Street Row East, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 1NW
01244 323444
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I didn't intend on ending up here, at the time I was actually looking for another place I had down that I wanted to review, but after walking up and down the street where it was suppose to be I drew a blank, so I presume it had shut down. After that I didn't know where to eat, for first time in ages I hadn't got a clue of anywhere in the immediate vicinity that would be able to cater for me.

I walked past this cafe about an hour before and wanted to go in, I love Alice In Wonderland so when I saw it was called Mad Hatters Tea Room it sparked my interest, and looking through the door at the fantastic decorations made me more envious, so when I couldn't find the other place I thought it would be worth a punt, they would either be able to cater or they wouldn't.

After I walked through the door with my friend I didn't ask about catering for gluten, I let them seat us first, if worst come to the worst I thought maybe they would be able to adapt something for me. After we got the menu, I flicked through and really didn't feel too optimistic, there was no mention of gluten and looking at the menu I could only see one item that I could have; salad.

When the waitress came back I thought I should probably ask if they could cater to gluten free, and with a smile on her face I got the reply, "yes of course, we have bread and scones, the soup is gluten free too". Well that was music to my ears, but why couldn't they have put a line on the menu pointing this out?!

Looking round at some of the afternoon teas coming out, they looked stunning, everything on them can be adapted to gluten free too, so I definitely want to go and try one someday. On this occasion though I had a tuna, sweetcorn and cucumber sandwich, after asking if the mayonnaise was gluten free (yes it was),the waitress also said the salad came with a dressing on and that was gluten free too. A bit of knowledge goes a long way, it's awful when you get something unexpected and have to ask if you can eat it after you've received it. From my understanding the food is made in the same area as the normal however I was told they would ensure it was fully wiped down before preparations, maybe worth noting if you are particularly sensitive.

Gluten free carrot and orange cake, one of two gluten free cakes at Mad Hatter Tea Room, Chester
Gluten free carrot and orange cake, one of two gluten free cakes at Mad Hatter Tea Room, Chester
The sandwiches were lovely and soft and tasted like normal bread (after a comparison with my friends, yes I can clarify it was gluten free bread) and the whole thing was delicious.

After we finished the waitress asked if we wanted cakes, before I could even ask if there was gluten free she automatically said "yes we have two gluten free cakes". The cakes change every day from what I believe, on this occasion it was double chocolate or carrot and orange. I'm not usually a fan of carrot cakes but didn't fancy chocolate but did want cake, so decided to go for it and give it a try. Honestly if I go again and they have that cake I would probably opt straight for that, it was absolutely divine, so soft and moist it just melted in the mouth.

It is possibly a little more expensive than other cafes but not outrageously priced and I will definitely be back to give those afternoon teas a go. If you are ever searching for anywhere to eat in Chester, definitely go and give it a try, it's honestly one of the nicest places I have eaten in and believe me I've been in a lot!

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