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Victoria Centre, Crewe, CW1 2PU, UK
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I've seen floating around for a while now that some Asda cafe's have started doing a gluten free menu, after going into a few Asda branches I hadn't had much luck in finding a store offering it, but when I went in the branch most local to me just on the off chance they might have the gluten free menu up, I was set to be disappointed until I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the cheesecake looked suspiciously like the one I knew to be gluten free.

Gluten free ham and cheese panini at Asda - Crewe
Gluten free ham and cheese panini at Asda - Crewe
On closer inspection it did have "gluten fre" wrote on it (well done on that typo Asda) and right next too it sat the gluten free cheese and ham panini and Mrs Crimbles macaroons, almost jumping for joy at the fact somewhere other than Costa had gluten free for me in my home town (hurrah!),I also realised it was something plain unlike the usual randomly flavoured wraps that kids won't touch (looking at you Costa and Starbucks),so all you people with Coeliac kids that have trouble finding stuff for your kids while eating out...there is now somewhere that might be able to help!

As usual in Asda the queue was pretty long and while I waited I started to panic, "I hope they know about cross contamination". As the queue went down I had pretty much talked myself into thinking that the panini would be done in the same panini maker as normal but after telling the lady at the till I was Coeliac she shouted to the girl in the back "make sure it is done in the gluten free panini machine", kudos to Asda for being cross contamination aware, even with their sign saying "Due to the nature fo the products and ingredients we use, we cannot guarantee that any product is free from nuts, seeds or other allergens", I could see the lady in the back making sure everything was wiped down before preparing mine. Even if I had ordered a jacket potato I think their cross contamination awareness would have been amazing, even though these were prepared out front the lady was careful and wiping down between serving even for non-coeliacs.

Gluten free strawberry cheesecake and Mrs Crimbles macaroon at Asda - Crewe
Gluten free strawberry cheesecake and Mrs Crimbles macaroon at Asda - Crewe
The food was so well priced to, costing only a fraction over 10 for two meals and a drink, panini and cake, definitely one of the cheaper gluten free lunches I have managed to have. For the price the food was really good quality too and tasty to boot, the bread of the panini was nice and soft and you couldn't tell it was gluten free, and the cheesecake was yummy, would be really good if you could buy the cheesecake whole in the shop to take home!

Despite the shop having no sign up saying the do gluten free they also offer Amy's Kitchen macaroni cheese, tomato soup and carrot cake along side a few other options so you are not just limited to the one option. If your store doesn't have a sign ask as not all the stores have them but do offer gluten free subject to availability, if I hadn't have noticed the cheesecake I would have been none the wiser, luckily my hawk eye lead to a lovely cheap and tasty lunch, somewhere I won't hesitate to eat again.

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