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Gluten Free McDonalds Style Breakfast Muffin

So this is a very simple one but I have been asked for the recipe a few times. A gluten free take on a McDonalds McMuffin, this uses BFree gluten free english muffins currently available in Asda and loaded with gluten free sausages, bacon and egg and then you can top with cheese and sauces if you so wish. It is really easy to make and in my opinion beats a McMuffin (not that I can have one with the muffin anymore of course). You could also do the same with a bagel!

This recipe is...

This recipe contains:

  • Egg, 
  • Sulphites
Recipe by Alison Peters


2 gluten free sausages
1 gluten free English muffin (most easy ones to get hold of are BFree)
2 rashers of bacon
1 egg
Ketchup and/or brown sauce (optional)
Cheese slices (optional)
  • Preparation Time: 5 Mins
  • Cooking Time: 10 Mins
  • This recipe makes 1


1. Slice your sausages in half lengthways and fry or grill on both sides until cooked through. If you want a more McDonalds type of sausage patty, remove the skins from the sausages before cooking and form into a burger shape then fry.

2. Cut your gluten free muffin in half and toast while you grill or fry your bacon to your desired crispiness.

3. Fry your egg in a frying pan and if you want more McDonalds style crack it into a greased crumpet ring placed into the frying pan, fry for about 1 min on one side then flip both egg and crumpet ring over.

4. Place the sausage, bacon and egg in your muffin and top with cheese slice and sauces if decided. (Handy hint, Tesco brown sauce is gluten free and most ketchups are fine too)

Nutritional Information (Per muffin)

Calories Carbs Fibre Fat Sugar Protein
510 36g 1g 27g 0g 31g

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