What's Going On: Coeliac Awareness Week 2017

What's Going On: Coeliac Awareness Week 2017

There is so much going on for Coeliac Awareness Week this year from gluten free product offers, to brand new products and taster events!
Lots of places are celebrating Coeliac Awareness Week with events and offers, from Coeliac UK to Tesco there is all sorts going on in the Coeliac world this week, lets take a look at just some of the things going on.

Coeliac UK
Coeliac UK are, as always, are raising awareness for Coeliac with their Gluten Freevolution campaign. Get the hashtag #GlutenFreevolution trending on Twitter to help more people understand exactly what Coeliac is.

You can also share their animated videos on all social media to spread the word about Coeliac.

Many businesses are also on board with the gluten freevolution campaign by making people aware of their gluten free options or products.

Tesco gluten free offers and alcohol
Tesco gluten free offers and alcohol
Tesco have lots of offers in for Coeliac Awareness Week with 3 for 2 on most of their own brand free from products and other products having money off. They have even put a section in on their promotional aisle in some stores to advertise the free from. These products include shed loads of gluten free ale and lagers includig Daura Damn and Celia. I have honestly never seen so much gluten free alcohol in one place than I did in Tesco today!

Morrisons are offering 200 bonus points on their loyalty cards on all their gluten free products. Morrisons have really upped their game when it comes to gluten free with one of the most diverse range of gluten free products around. I guess it helps when the CEO of the company has Coeliac himself. If you are a Morrisons shopper grab the extra points while you can, if you buy a fair bit of free from those points can lead to great savings in the long run.

Morrisons are also doing a presentation at Abbeydale, Gloucester on 9th May for Coeliac Awareness.

Marks and Spencer
We shouted out about this one a few days ago, and you lovely lot pretty much killed our server with all the people viewing the blog. Marks are doing gluten free events, most of them on the 10th and 11th May at 70 of their stores where you can test drive some of the products and talk about them with staff. This blog outlines all the stores and dates/times of the events.

Aldi gluten free products in the seasonal section
Aldi gluten free products in the seasonal section
Aldi have put in a "seasonal" section for gluten free in most of their stores. With a selection of Ilumi gluten free meal pouches, Lazy Days cakes, pasta, cereal, Moo Free Chocolate and more. It is a pity Aldi only do a decent gluten free range in most of their stores as a seasonal thing. Not very good for Coeliacs. Although Aldi have got pretty good with the gluten free and a lot of their regular products are gluten free as standard. It would be nice to see the specialist items in more though. Grab them while you can, there are some good bargains to be had.

Delicious Alchemy
It is no secret that we love Delicious Alchemy, we even interviewed Emma, the owner of Delicious Alchemy, last year, you can read that interview here. For Coeliac Awareness Week they have guest bloggers, competitions and new recipes coming your way so check their Facebook and website for details on those!

Forth Valley
Various colleges around the Forth Valley are adding extra gluten free meals to their menu for Awareness week. Colleges include Fife College (Bistro Restaurant),Forth Valley College (Gallery Restaurant),West Lothian College (Terrace Restaurant)

We're sure there are also other things going on around the gluten free world too so keep an eye our for all the special deals and events which are sure to pop up through the week!

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