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Staying Safe: Gluten Allergen Updates and Recipe Changes

Over the last few months, many products have changed - whether for better or for worse - hear are just some of the stand out one that now have gluten may contain warnings, have changed to have a gluten ingredient or have become gluten free where they used to contain gluten.

Staying Safe: Gluten Allergen Updates and Recipe Changes
Recently there have been a lot of recipe changes, unfortunately a lot of the changes aren't for the good of Coeliacs though as many products which were gluten free, or simply didn't carry may contains are now not gluten free and unsafe for Coeliacs.

There are a few reasons for these changes in products, the first and biggest one is changes that FSA are pushing to make may contain warnings more "compulsory", I say that loosely as it is still very much a voluntary label but it is being pushed to be used more where there is real concern about contamination within factories. This does mean that factories are using it more strictly. Where originally it was mostly used when products are made on the same line as gluten products and a real risk of contamination was present, it now seems to be used more even if the premises handles wheat or barley in an entirely different part of the building and risk isn't as high - a more protecting themselves thing - but we still have to take heed of the warning as Coeliacs should avoid all may contain gluten warnings.

Secondly is factory changes, a lot of manufacturers have ceased production which means companies are having to use other factories which lead to may contains being added and recipes being changed if they can't take the original recipes over.

And, thirdly, ingredients costs. Many ingredients have increased so much and this means that manufacturers will look for alternatives to bring the cost down. A lot of cheaper alternatives contain wheat to pad out products, barley for flavour for even gluten free oats which are cheaper and sometimes easier to get than some gluten free flour blends (plus give some products better stability).

So, over the last few months there have been quite a few product updates but here are the ones that stand out...remember to always check product ingredients and info no matter how often you buy them as you just don't know when or if they might have changed.

Correct at time of writing on 3rd June 2024, always check incase they have changed again

Now have may contain warnings
  • Muller Rice

  • Some Haribo (due to using German factories as well as UK - see this blog post for more info)

  • Some of Aldis nuts

  • Sharwoods poppadoms

  • Iceland Barretts Sweets Ice Lollies - most now have may contain warnings

  • Lees Snowballs

Recipe changed to include gluten ingredients
  • Heinz beans and sausage changed to Richmond sausages, rolling out to stores from 23rd May 2024 but old stock will be sold first.

  • Tesco satay sauce sachet now contains wheat

  • Tesco plant based burgers now contain barley

  • Asda and Aldi stock cubes now contain wheat

  • Some Homepride sauces changed to now have barley in

  • M&S BBQ sauce changed to have barley in

  • M&S Eton Mess dessert pot now contains wheat

  • Aldi Tempura fish now contains wheat

  • Some Sharwoods curry sauces now contain barley

Still gluten free but recipe change to include gluten free oats
  • Asda and Tesco free from crackers

  • Tesco free from shortbread

Changed to be gluten free (makes a nice change!)
  • Ikea gravy is now gluten free

  • Morrisons onion ring crisps now gluten free - used to contain wheat

Have you seen any other products change from being gluten free to not or the other way round? Let me know and I will add to the list.

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