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Check Your Labels: Haribo Starmix Now May Contain on SOME Packets

It is always wise to check your labels, you never know what might have changed with any product. The UK now have Haribo Star Mix coming from two factories, one is still gluten free but the bags from the other factory carry a may contain warning - always double check and don't assume!

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Check Your Labels: Haribo Starmix Now May Contain on SOME Packets
Last week I was messaged by someone to say that Haribo Star Mix had a may contain warning for gluten, when they hadn't had one before, in the UK they were gluten free and safe for Coeliacs.

Initially I thought this was a factory change but after more digging that isn't actually correct and this is now a product you need to check the label....because there are two variations, one with a may contain and one without.

It turns out that Haribo are using two factories to supply the UK, one factory being UK based and the second is a German factory. The Star Mix coming from the German factory carry the may contain warning for gluten and milk, the ones from the UK factory don't have the warning and are still fine for Coeliacs.

Stock will vary store to store and even day to day in the same store, so always check whether the packs you have got are safe.

Always check your packs, not just for Haribo either, there is every potential that this could happen with any product especially when multiple factories are involved (take Cadbury for instance, no Dairy Milk is safe except the chunks, same as Haribo this is due to different factories being used for production!)

Remember your labels always have the most up to date allergy advice, don't rely on apps to tell you if something is safe or not, what would it tell you in this instance when there are two variations of the same product?!

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