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Spicentice Gluten Free Natural Spice Kits

If you find mixing spices a faff then Spicentice spice kits are for you, they are quick kits to make wonderful meals, all gluten free and also suitable for Slimming World and other diets.

Added 8th September 2018
Updated 10th November 2020

Spicentice Gluten Free Natural Spice Kits
If you have never heard of Spicentice you are missing out! (If you already know about them then go and take advantage of our 20% off discount code, SANC20 over on Spicentice) I was so fed up of combining spices and not always getting the flavour I wanted, when I came across Spicentice on Instagram I thought I would give them a try and I wasn't disappointed.

Spicentice aren't meal kits, they are spice kits and where some spice mixes can contain wheat, Spicentice are all completely gluten free and made of pure herbs with no added salt or sugar. They make those curries and spicy dishes easier to make as you don't have to blend a shed load of different individual spices to get the the flavours, they are already mixed ready to go!

Each spice kit comes with a fantastic recipe card explaining really easily how to make the dishes. Whats more if you are a Slimming Worlder, like me, then they also tell you have to make the dishes Slimming World friendly, usually it's just a case of switching oil to something like Frylight.

They have so many fantastic spice kits to make all those dishes you have been missing from donor kebabs, southern style chicken and katsu curry to amazing chip seasoning and loads of different curries.

I have tried so many of the kits now, and still haven't found one I don't like and that hasn't been easy to make. Here are just a few of the ones I have made...

Firecracker Chicken

I think this one is probably my favourite, it is almost like a sweet and sour chicken but with a spicier flavour, a lovely sticky texture, like a proper Chinese dish, if you aren't lucky enough to have a Chinese near you that does gluten free or want to have a go at making your own healthier alternative to sweet and sour this is certainly a spice kit you need to try.

Gourmet Chip Seasoning

The seasoning is fantastic, if you are familiar with Slimming World chips then this really gives them a great boost. Slimming World chips are super easy to make, just cut and peel potato like chips, par boil for 5 mins, spray a baking tray with frylight and place par boiled chips on, spray with frylight and cook on gas 7 for 25 mins, the most delicious crispy, healthier chips. However, pour some of this seasoning on before baking and they almost taste like curly fries! So good and definitely one to spice up plain chips.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

I love jerk seasoning so I had to give the jerk chicken a go and it was so, so good! Hardest part about making it was getting the onions to blend! Filled with great flavours, it makes a tasty lunch or dinner for the whole family and it has a great chilli kick behind it but not too strong that is is overpowering.

Persian Kofta Kebabs

You really can't beat a kofta kebab, so simple to make and relatively cheap too as they use mince, and you can use whatever mince you like, we had a combo of chicken and beef as we had some of each left over from other dishes, with the spice kit thrown in they were some really fabulous tasting koftas!


Paella is so easy and their seafood paella is amazing, we also threw in some chicken and it really was a great filling meal and not having to put a shed load of spices together was a first for me when it comes to paella. Perfect dinnertime meal and also great when you have left overs for lunch the next day!

There really are so many amazing spice kits, those are just 5 of the ones I loved but I have had most of the ones they offer now and haven't yet come across one I didn't like! That has to be a first for me!

You can pick up Spicentice kits over on their website, and you can get a great 20% off when you use code SANC20 at checkout, so why not go and treat yourself today!

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