September Supermarket Free From Product Releases

September Supermarket Free From Product Releases

September marks the release of loads of new gluten free products in most of the supermarkets, from pork pies in Asda to scampi making its way back to Tesco.
September, one of the main months for Free From supermarket updates. And this September has been no different with Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsburys all bringing in new Free From lines.

Some products fall in line with what other supermarkets had to offer already but some are brand new things we haven't seen gluten free before. So do you want a lowdown of what is new in the supermarkets this season? Of course you do. So here is some of the new products you can get now.

Out of all the supermarkets I think Asda have brought in some of the products we'd never have expected to get gluten free.

In the ambient free from sections they have released Red Velvet Cake (which is so delicious!),a six pack of Christmas Cupcakes, Gingerbread Men (though why these have to be Christmas exclusive beats me!),Dark Chocolate Cranberry and Orange Tiffin and best of all a Gingerbread House Kit.

The Gingerbread House was something a lot of people moaned about last year because it was impossible to get a Free From kit for one, there were plenty of regular kits around but nothing for Gluten Free people, something that bugged a lot of parents when their child couldn't make a Gingerbread House I'm sure. So this kit came as a pleasant surprise. We're sure this is likely to be a hit.

As well as the ambient products Asda also released some new products into their fridges... Sausage Rolls, Pork Pies, Steak Pies and Chicken Pies. Before now Pork Pies and Sausage Rolls were only available in M&S but now they are in supermarkets too and if we are honest the pork pie was nicer than M&S's (in our opinion at least).

OK, we have had to keep some of these under our belts, we knew about them a while ago when we got to go to HQ, but we were sworn to secrecy!

Anyway now they are out we can tell you. This release isn't quite as big as some of the other supermarkets but there is definitely some new things in there. The first one that came out a few weeks ago was Rule of Crumbs Salted Caramel Profiteroles arriving in 200 stores. They do seem to be delayed going into some stores though so keep checking out for them.

The second major new thing they released were fresh gluten free pizzas with the free from fridge products. Four new Whole Creations pizzas were added to the inventory, Margarita, Pepperoni and Chicken and Pesto were the main pizzas with the fourth being a cheese topped garlic bread pizza (which is so so nice). The garlic bread was probably the most anticipated since the only other place you can get a similar item is in Tesco in the form or a frozen baguette.

Tesco have barely released anything, whether there is more due we don't know, however we do know they have released a Berry Cheesecake for Christmas which can be found in the freezers.

And for you Scampi fans, it is back, well in some stores, it was discontinued but now it is back, if it is not in your store ask for it and they should be able to get it in.

Hopefully Tesco will bring in some more new products but they are more than likely to be within the next month or so now rather than with the big September release.

Only today have Sainsburys got in their September new products, leaving it late in the game to introduce their new items, however they have released a lot of new products!

Matching Asda they have released Pork Pies and Sausage Rolls into the fridges, something that was almost an impossibilty to get unless you lived near a biggish M&S are now in two major supermarkets! Like Morrisons they have also released fresh Pizzas, we think one is margarita and one is a vegetable pizza, but we are unsure what the third one is at the moment (more than likely Pepperoni).

The rest of the new releases are a mostly fridge products too but we are not 100% sure they are all chilled, some could be frozen. The majority of the items have been lingering in other supermarkets but there are one or two in there which weren't easy to get, if at all. The products which have wound their way onto the supermarket floor are Free From Lasagne, Fishcakes, Breaded Cod, Chicken Kievs, Toad In the Hole, Lemon Tart and Cocktail Sausages (but some stores have taken the full size free from sausages out, whether this is because cocktail are replacing them we don't know).

We think there may also be some other new gluten free fridge products but we're not sure what they are yet, if you know what it is we are missing off our list let us know!

From a photo someone took in one of the stores they also appear to have released grated dairy free cheese and a couple of other dairy free products into the free from range too.

As far as Waitrose is concerned we haven't heard of anything new being released but if you know of anything that is new in this month let us know.

We're sure there will be more products winding there way in before Christmas but for the September major release this looks like the bulk of what's being released, you can guarantee though that Christmas Puddings and Cake will be fighting their way onto the shelves in the next month or too. The next major Free From stock shake up should be February but who knows what could come in before then!

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