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Rivington in Administration: Gluten Free Wafers Vanish

If you like Pink Panther wafers, sadly the gluten free ones will be disappearing in light of the manufacturer, Rivington, going into Administration.

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Rivington in Administration: Gluten Free Wafers Vanish
In the last week we have seen Morrisons reduce down their Rivington Pink Panther Gluten and Wheat free wafers, we thought this could have been to make room for the big free from release which usually happens in February as there were various other items reduced to clear in the free from too including certain Perkier bars, Lasagne sheets and Ilumi ready meals, however that may not be the case in Rivington's corner.

It appears the Pink Panther wafers have ceased production due to Rivington going into administration. Pink Panther wafers aren't the only item to be affected as No Wheat Chocolate Orange Wafers are also made by Rivington. While No Wheat wafers weren't reduced to clear in the store we were in it's possible they will see the same fate as Pink Panther Gluten Free wafers at some point.

Both products are no longer available to buy online from Morrisons, Sainsburys or Tesco.

Rivington went into administration in December, blaming Brexit for their demise. They were already deep in the red and Brexit apparently made things worse for them. While the factory hasn't shut they have cut their staff from 123 to just 24.

Regular Pink Panther wafers are still on the market, so it would appear that they have removed the least profitable items from their production line; those being the two free from items they produced.

These are the only two gluten free products that Rivington made but still a blow to the free from range. With the factory not closing we can hope that Rivington get back on their feet and gluten free Pink Panther wafers make a comeback.

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