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Permanent Free From Range in Home Bargains

From week commencing 22nd Oct 2023, Home Bargains will be adding a permanent free from bay in all stores. This will include mostly gluten free products but of course watch out as it won't all be gluten free, it is a free from section not a gluten free section!

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Permanent Free From Range in Home Bargains
From this week (week commencing 22nd October 2023) all Home Bargain stores will be introducing a free from section!

For a while a lot of the stores have done the Schar gluten free bread, but now they are expanding it to be a bigger free from range, though the size of it will vary by store.

Thanks to my lovely friend who is one of the Home Bargains store managers, she let me know that is section should be rolling out across all stores this week and should be at least one bay (same as pictured below in my very large store).

I wouldn't be surprised if it will be less in some of the tiny stores though that don't have much food in them, but they should at least have some of the products in.

I took a trip down to my large store in Crewe which is the largest in the country and this is what they had, so expect similar in other larger stores.

Truly Gluten Free Muffins £1.99
Jane Asher Gluten Free Brownie Mix £1.45
Nestle Go Free Corn Flakes and Honey Nut Flakes £1.99
Genius Pancakes £1.69
Schar Loaves £1.59
Schar Ciabattas £1.69
Genius Chocolate and Blueberry Muffins £1.59
Trek Flapjacks £1.99
Nairns Gluten Free Muesli £ 2.89
Gluten Free pasta £1.29
Nakd Bars £1.99
Gluten Free Hobnobs £2.25

There is also a vegan flapjack which isn't gluten free so remember to check, it is not a gluten free section it is a free from section.

Some items are cheaper than supermarkets, the Genius muffins are 50p cheaper as are the pancakes, Nairns muesli between 10 and 30p cheaper and Schar ciabattas 70p less but other things aren't much different, Hobnobs and Nakd bars, for example, are only 1p cheaper than supermarkets if that.

Overall, I don't think it is the best range it is a bit cake heavy for my liking and why put stock cubes in it when they could have something else in that slot is beyond me. However in a pinch at least there is some options in there, which is more than can be said for some least they are trying!

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