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Marks and Spencer make second April Made Without Release

Marks and Spencer have already released some fab gluten free products this month and they have just released some more, including cheese and onion rolls!

Added 30th April 2017
Updated 13th December 2020

Marks and Spencer make second April Made Without Release
Earlier in April Marks and Spencer added some new lines to their made without wheat range which included new ready meals and some new types of free from bread. We heard hearsay a week or so ago there was going to be another release of free from products and in the last few days some more new products have indeed appeared on Marks and Spencer shelves.

This release seems to have only been four new items whereas the last release saw eleven new products hit the shelves so these seem to have been held back for some reason and released separate.

The new products are as follows:
Seeded Sandwich Thins
Bacon and Cheese Puff Pastry Tarts
Cheese and Onion Rolls
Dinky Sausage Rolls

The puff pastry tarts and cheese and onion rolls are particularly exciting products to see as they appear to be products that have never been seen on the free from shelves before. Cheese and onion rolls have been cried out for by many Coeliacs for a while now so lets hope these live up to expectations and stick around.

The dinky sausage rolls are an interesting one to add to the line as they already do regular sized sausage rolls, presumably these have been asked for but it would unusual to add two such similar products to the free from shelves especially when larger sausage rolls can be easily cut up, however we're sure these will be a great hit for parties and kiddies.

As usual we don't know if these products are going to go immediately into all stores or just the bigger ones like with the release they did last year and the release from earlier this month, if if just hit bigger stores first, the stores in this blog are the most likely to be getting them.

Marks are one of the top manufacturers for free from, they are great at offering new ranges that no one else does and we hope they keep coming out with more new products (we did catch some banter on Twitter between Marks and Spencer and a fellow Coeliac about Croissants and Pain au Chocolats and that they were going to look into adding them, we can only hope!)

For more info on Marks and Spencers and all their food ranges, visit their website

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