Marks and Spencer Made Without Wheat New Products April 2017

Marks and Spencer Made Without Wheat New Products April 2017

Marks and Spencer are rolling out more Made Without products, this time the new products include a selection of Chinese and pasta based ready meals.
Marks and Spencer have released a few new made without wheat products in the last few days. The release this time isn't as big as last years chilled release however there is some new things in there.

The new products which have appeared in the last few days are a mix of chiller items and ambient items, the chiller items are as follows:-

Beef in Black Bean Wine Sauce with Rice
Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice
Spicy Prawn Spaghetti
Tomato and Basil Fusilli
St Clements Sponge Puddings
Pork Sausages

All the new ready meals are £4 each like the meals they introduced last year and you can guarantee some of the ones from last years list will have disappeared. We don't know for sure but we'd assume that some of the old ready meals or other products will vanish to make way for these new lines.

We are not sure why they have released Made Without Pork Sausages and pretty much all their standard range of sausages are already marked with the cross grain symbol meaning they are already certified gluten free. We even checked to see if maybe they were made without something else but they are only labelled Made Without Wheat, so this release seems like a bit of a scheme to make more money since these sausages are over twice the price of their regular certified GF sausages...

The St Clements Sponge Puddings seem to be a new product sitting along side the chocolate and syrup pudding counterparts, it seems these sponge puddings have been selling well so a new addition has been added. I am particularly excited to try this one as it is something completely different from what we usually get.

As well as new chiller items there are new shelved items, they seem to have a particularly good variety of bread, we went the Meadowhall store in Sheffield and there was 2 shelves full of different types of bread including two new ones, Marks and Spencer bread is usually one of the best so we've no doubt the new additions will be just as good. Also a few other new products have joined the bread:-

All Butter Shortbread Rounds
Chocolate Chip Shortbread Rounds
Date and Walnut Toast
Brown Bloomer Slices
Super Seeded Rolls

I'm sure there are more new products floating around depending on store, there may be more new stuff we are not aware of but at the moment the ones we have listed above are the ones that have definitely already hit stores.

The new products are more than likely not available at all stores and are probably going to be mostly rolled out to the bigger stores (see our list from last years release as there is a good chance these will be the stores to get them first)

It may also be worth noting that some new sandwiches have also been popping up too, Caesar Salad wrap seems to be a new one doing it's rounds, and a lot of stores have started stocking multiple varieties of the gluten free sandwiches and not just the one! Made without pasta salads have also started popping up in the fast food part but these seem to only be in limited stores.

Marks and Spencer are one of the best places for gluten free and always continue to battle against the bigger chains, we're sure all of the new products are yummy and can't wait to try them. We hope they keep expanding and coming out with delicious products.

For more info on Marks and Spencers and all their food ranges, visit their website

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Please can we have prawn sandwich in the store in Prestatyn and also consider cheese and onion pasty please

Sarah Howard - 2nd April 2017

It's great what they are doing, but what about those of us that can't have dairy either. I know I can't be alone in needing gluten & dairy free. I get rather frustrated when I go & see gluten free and dairy free separate. Service stations, please are there any sandwiches in them? Travelling back from down south all I could find to eat was a plain packet of crisps. This maybe something to look into. I look forward to your comments.

margaret kirtley - 6th May 2017
Alison replied to this comment on 6th May 2017

Hi Margaret, there a few Motorway Service Stations around that can offer GF options, but we are not sure on DF too, take a look at this blog to see if there is any near you :)


Alison - Coeliac Sanctuary

Well done M&S, you're going from strength to strength and the quality is super!

Nick Huggins - 3rd June 2017

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