January 2017 Product Recalls

January 2017 Product Recalls

January has seen some product recalls due to undeclared gluten in various products including Doritos crisps, Morrisons cupcakes and B and M Biscuits.

Posted On: 23rd January 2017
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We're only three quarters of the way through January and already we have had three product recalls, we wrote a blog about the recall of Doritos with undeclared gluten earlier this month. Shortly after came a recall for Morrisons Market Street Party Cupcakes and now B&M have recalled a pack of Mini Cream Biscuits, all of these products were due to undeclared gluten.

The Morrisons items effected were Market Street Cupcakes and didn't declare the presence of gluten, milk, egg, soya and fish (fish in cupcakes?). These were actually recalled 10 days ago on the 13th January but we only posted it on our social media.

Products effected were 12 pack, 6 pack and individual cupcakes all dated up to 16th January 2017. Yes, we know this date has passed but if you have any lurking in the freezer it might be a good time to check them out. We would like to think most people would assume these cakes would be wheat based but we know some slip though the net, especially when it come to Morrisons Market Street which often doesn't contain ingredient lists on the packaging.

The most recent recall from today is for B&M's Mini Cream Biscuits, packs of 10 with a use by date of 15th May 2017 and a Lot number of 01. These are the only known B&M product to be effected. Again they contain undeclared wheat, milk, soya and sulphites so are a risk to Coeliacs or people with wheat allergies.

If you have any of the products mentioned it is advised that you return them to the point of sale for a refund.

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