Doritos Undeclared Gluten Product Recall

Doritos Undeclared Gluten Product Recall

PepsiCo have recalled some of their Doritos due to undeclared wheat and soya on the packet. Doritos do carry a may contain warning anyway so aren't safe for Coeliacs but as these don't declared wheat as an allergy they are even more of a risk.

Posted On: 6th January 2017
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Coeliac UK have just issued a recall notification for PepsiCo (owner of Walkers and Doritos) Lightly Salted Doritos due to undeclared soya and wheat, this means the effected packs are a potential health risk to Coeliac sufferers and people with wheat or soya allergies.

The only batch of Doritos effected are Lightly Salted 200g packs with a Best Before date of 08/04/2017 and batch codes: GBC 209 353D (time code affected between 02:08 - 02:38). If you have any of this batch it is advised that you return them to point of sale for a refund.

All crisps made by Walkers and Doritos have long been known to be at risk of cross contamination due to the flavour sprays they use. However these type of Doritos don't appear to have either a may contain or state they contain wheat. This appears to be an isolated incident and no other products are effeced.

Coeliac UK DO NOT list any Walkers or Doritos crisps as being safe for Coeliacs due to the potential cross contamination, therefore we advise any Coeliacs not to eat Doritos or Walkers crisps, please check our crisp blog to find other safe alternatives.

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