Gluten Free Ice Cream List

Gluten Free Ice Cream List

Cool down this some with some ice cream and lollies, take a glance at this list to find what you can eat this year.

Posted On: 3rd July 2015
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As summer starts everyone heads for the beach for a spot of relaxation, swimming and sand castle building, but the one thing that makes a trip to the coast is ice cream, so we decided to compile a list of what is on the safe list to get off the ice cream man.

Obviously your standard 99 in a cone is off limits because of the cone, however the ice cream is fine, and so is the flake so no reason you couldn't ask for it in a tub, if you want to be doubly sure of cross contamination ask the server to use a serviette to pick up the flake and tub. If you want sauces we adivise to check the ingredients on the bottles, as for toppings check how they put them on the ice cream, if they roll the ice cream in it you may have a cross contamination issue. If they use a scoop and sprinkle over you may be ok but ask if they have the packets to check ingredients (beware that nuts sometimes contain flour) to be sure you can have them!

If you find an ice cream parlor rather than a shop or van, check which flavours are gluten free, most ice cream parlors usually have a large selection that is gluten free as well as sorbets if you want dairy free too. Make sure they wash the scoop first or use a different one for each flavour to prevent cross contamination from any flavours which do have gluten in like cookie dough or chocolate brownie. If you are lucky you might also find an ice cream parlor that does gluten free cones like Finleys in Lulworth, Dorset (which we reviewed here).

If you aren't sure about or don't fancy any ice cream, ice cream vans and shops usually have a good selection of ice lollies, here are the ones we know are safe for Coeliacs!

Ben and Jerry 150ml Pots
Caramel Chew Chew
Chunky Monkey
Greek Style Honey and Caramel

Creme Egg Ice Lolly
Crunchie Blast
Dairy Milk
Fruit and Nut
Nuts About Caramel

Del Monte
100% Orange Juice
100% Pineapple Juice
Mango Smoothie
Raspberry Smoothie

Banana Lolly
Bubblegum Lolly
Cherry Brandy Lolly
Cola Lolly
Lemonade Lolly
Orange Refresher
Rocket Lolly
Strawberry Split
Tasty Orange

Haagan Daz 100ml Pots
Baileys Original Irish Cream
Belgian Chocolate
Choc Choc Chip
Chocolate, Praline and Caramel
Secret Sensations Creme Brulee
Strawberries and Cream

Lyons Maid
Fruit Splits (all flavours)

Snickers Ice Cream Bar

Aero Mint

Fruit Pastille

Calippo Lemon and Lime
Calippo Orange
Calippo Shots
Chunky Choc Ice
Cornetto Soft Choc Chip (without cone)
Cornetto Soft Choc Mint (without cone)
Cornetto Soft Strawberry (without cone)
Cornetto Soft Vanilla (without cone)
Funny Feet
Haribo Push Up
Magnum Almond
Magnum Classic
Magnum Dark
Magnum Double Caramel
Magnum Mint
Magnum Strawberry and White
Magnum White
Mini Milk Chocolate
Mini Milk Strawberry
Mini Milk Vanilla
Solero Berry Explosion
Solero Exotic Explosion
Solero Mojito

Your Comments

Really useful comprehensive list. Thank you!

Christine Kercher - 11th July 2015

You do realise that your list is absolutely not suitable for coeliacs?

Most of these products, if not all, are produced on production lines where gluten is present and are at risk of cross contamination. So, for example, you list Magnum icecreams - Magnum do not state their products are suitable for coeliac and state gluten present on production line.

You have simply provided an utterly foolish list that will make most people with coeliac ill.

This should be taken down immediately from your website.

Brendan - 9th January 2020
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 9th January 2020

Unfortunately some things have changed since this list was done in 2015, there are 2 updated lists in our blog section. Magnum did always use to state gluten free on the back I don't know if this has changed but Coeliac UK still state all the ones that aren't the cookie are still safe for Coeliacs. At time of writing everything on the list was gluten free nor contained a may contain warning. All information was received from Coeliac UK and/or the manufacturers at the time.

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