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Gluten Free Easter Eggs UK

You may have seen Easter eggs starting to pop up in supermarkets and wondered which ones are gluten free and safe for Coeliacs. Good news is there is quite a lot of choice on the gluten free front and even plenty of gluten and dairy free choices too so we have compiled a list of eggs available in 2021

Gluten Free Easter Eggs UK

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So, if you have been supermarkets recently you may have seen those chocolatey delights appearing ready for Easter. There are some new things that are gluten free this year, if you are a KitKat lover then we know of a egg that will suit you well, or if you love caramel likewise there is a few eggs that you will love!

Thorntons and Hotel Chocolat stated last year none of there products are not safe for Coeliacs so we haven't even checked there Easter Eggs, I have assumed these are going to be exactly the same as the other chocolate.

This list doesn't include any regular "available all the time" chocolate, you can find any gluten free chocolate that is available outside of the Easter period in this blog - UK Gluten Free Chocolate and Sweets

After Eight
If you like minty chocolate then this gluten free egg maybe for you!
Mint Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

If you are shopping at Asda this year there are a few gluten free choices in easter eggs you can choice from though most of them are part of the free from range so dairy free too.
Easter Bunny Mallows
Easter Coins
Easter Mallow Pops
Free From Choc Easter Bunny
Free From Easter Egg with White Choc Buttons
Free From Honeycomb Choc Egg
Free From Orange Easter Egg
Free From White Choc and Strawberry Egg

Buttermilk are a dairy free brand and the eggs are also gluten free.
Dairy Free Orange Crisp Chocolate Easter Egg
Dairy Free Salted Caramel Crunch Easter Egg

Who doesn't love mini eggs? Those and many other Cadbury easter eggs are gluten free, if you miss Cadbury caramel bars you may be delighted to know that caramel eggs are gluten free unlike the bars.
Caramel Eggs
Caramel Eggs Easter Egg
Creme Eggs
Creme Egg Easter Egg
Creme Egg Twisted
Crunchie Easter Egg
Crunchie Bits Ultimate Chocolate Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Egg Heads Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Peter Rabbit Easter Egg
Flake Easter Egg
Milk Bunny Orange Mousse Bar
Milk Buttons Easter Egg
Mini Egg Bar
Mini Eggs
Orange Giant Buttons Easter Egg
Roses Easter Egg
Twirl Easter Egg
White Chocolate Buttons Easter Egg
Wispa Easter Egg
Wispa Gold Easter Egg

Minstrels easter eggs always used to be gluten free but for some reason the egg in it now contains barley, if you like Minstrels though, them on their own are gluten free, unfortunately this year we have only been able to find two gluten free Galaxy easter eggs.
Enchanted Eggs
Ripple Chocolate Easter Egg

Green & Black
If you want a bit of indulgence these Green and Blacks easter eggs are gluten free.
Butterscotch Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Want a egg that isn't chocolate, this one maybe for you. Like the majority of Haribo sweet this easter treat is gluten free.
Eggs Galore Easter Egg

I love Kinder Surprise and all the Surprise easter range is gluten free along with some other Kinder products.
Hollow Figure
Mini Eggs Pouch
Mini Figures
Surprise Chocolate Easter Bunny
Surprise Chocolate Easter Egg
Surprise Maxi Easter Egg

If you want an egg with a theme, Kinnerton are always a winner!
Barbie Chocolate Easter Egg
Hey Duggie Chocolate Easter Egg
Hot Wheels Chocolate Easter Egg
Paddington Chocolate Easter Egg
Paw Patrol Chocolate Easter Egg
Peppa Pig Chocolate Easter Egg

A few Lindt easter eggs are gluten free this year, this includes a couple of Lindor ones. The popular truffles are only gluten free in two varieties and the eggs are the same ones.
Excellence Dark Chocolate Egg
Lindor White Mini Eggs
White Chocolate Egg with Strawberry and Cream Truffles
White Chocolate Egg with White Chocolate Truffles

As usual M&S totally out strip everywhere else with their gluten free easter eggs, pretty much every one on offer is gluten free, if you are a Harry Potter fan, this includes the Hedwig themed one.
Alfie Chocolate Bunny
Bella Chocolate Bunny
Caramel Filled Chocolate Eggs
Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs
Chirpy Chick
Chocolate Lucky Lamb
Colin the Caterpillar Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Easter Egg Hunt Bucket
Egg Plant Plant Kitchen Dairy Free Chocolate Easter Egg
Eggstremely Thick Chocolatey Speckled Egg
Extra Thick Blonde and White Chocolate Egg
Foiled Milk Chocolate Egg
Fruit and Nut Milk Chocolate Lattice Easter Egg
Giant Percy Pig Easter Egg
Gigantic Buttons Easter Egg
Gin and Tonic Easter Egg
Hedwig White Chocolate Owl
Jumbled Eggs Choc Corn
Kylie Chocolate Koala
Marc De Champagne Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Baby Bunny
Orange Speckled Eggs
Percy Pig Easter Bunny Fruit Gums
Percy Pig Easter Egg
Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs
Stormtrooper Chocolate Easter Egg
Swiss Chocolate Bennett Bunny
Swiss Mini Eggs
Thick Milk and White Chocolate Easter Egg
Thomas The Tank Engine Easter Egg
Walter the Sausage Dog Easter Egg

M&M's and Bounty can always be relied upon to be gluten free, we haven't been able to find a Snickers easter egg but if that is available that will probably be gluten free too.
Bounty Easter Egg
M&M's Chocolate Easter Egg

If you want some chick themed chocolate Montezumas offerings maybe prefect for you.
Clucky Milk Chocolate Chick
Lucky Likte No Udder Milk Choc Alternative Easter Egg
The Three Chicklateers

Moo Free
If you want dairy free, moo free can always be relied upon as usual they have a few different eggs on offer all gluten free.
BunnyComb Easter Egg
Choccy Easter Egg
Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg
Mikey Bunny White Choccy Easter Egg
Mint Easter Egg

This year Morrisons range is very disappointing apart from a couple most seem to carry may contain warnings.
Chicks and Bunnies Marshmallows
Micro Eggs
Milk Chocolate Fudge-Tastic Inclustion Easter Egg
White Chocolate Candy-Chaos Inclusion Easter Egg

You maybe delighted to know that the Kitkat Bunnies easter egg is gluten free and also mini eggs, also if you like Smarties be sure to get their mini eggs!
Aero Chocolate Mini Eggs
Aero Peppermint Easter Egg
Aero Peppermint Mini Eggs
KitKat Bunnies
KitKat Bunnies Easter Egg
KitKat Mini Eggs
Milkybar Easter Egg
Smarties Chocolate Mini Eggs
Smarties Orange Mini Eggs
Quality Streets Easter Egg

A few more dairy free options available from Nomo if you require dairy free and gluten free.
Vegan and Free From Caramel and Sea Salt Easter Egg
Vegan and Free From Creamy Chocolate Easter Egg
Vegan and Free From Fruit and Crunch Easter Egg

Peanut butter lover? Then Reeses bunny and eggs are both gluten free.
Mini Reester Bunnies
Peanut Butter Creme Egg
Reester Bunny

Sainsburys have a few gluten free options both dairy free and non dairy free.
Chocolate Mini Eggs
Free From Mini Marshmallows Chocolate Easter Egg
Free From Strawberry and White Chocolate Easter Egg
Free From Strawberry and White Chocolate Bunny Bar
Free From White Chocolate Bunny Bar
Micro Eggs Bag
Milk Chocolate Hollow Eggs
Swiss Dark Chocolate Eggs
Swiss Milk Chocolate Eggs
Swiss White Chocolate Eggs

Another sweet option is available from Swizzels
Drumchick Squashies

We can't have chocolate oranges but we can have the mini eggs so make the most of these Terrys gluten free treats while you can.
Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs
Orange White Chocolate Mini Eggs

Like Morrisons, Tesco don't have many gluten free eggs this year but there are a couple of options if you are stuck.
Milk and White Chocolate Egg Hunt Eggs
Milk Chocolate Bunnies
Milk Chocolate Egg Net

Waitrose have some tempting offerings this year. The Heston at Waitrose Chocolate scotch egg isn't gluten free but not to worry we have a recipe for that!
Caramel Squiggle Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate With Dark Chocolate Truffles Easter Egg
Easter Chocolate Edition Filled Half Eggs
Heston From Waitrose Eggstraordinary Speckled Eggs
Milk Chocolate With Champagne Truffles Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel Truffles Easter Egg
Milk, Dark and White Chocolate Filled Egg
Orange Squiggle Easter Egg
White Chocolate Squiggle Easter Egg

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