Gluten Free Easter Eggs 2018

Gluten Free Easter Eggs 2018

Who doesn't love an Easter egg? There are so many around that are gluten free we decided we needed to do a list, no need to head straight for the free from aisle.
Last year we did a blog of gluten free Easter Eggs (see this blog),we asked on Facebook and you said you wanted one again this year!

Like last year, none of Morrisons are safe, all carry a may contain, they do however stock a range of Moo Free's eggs which are both gluten and dairy free.

This list is only Easter Eggs, and special Easter chocolates, no other chocolate, they can be found on our Chocolate and Sweets list. We have only listed products which don't contain gluten or hold a may contain warning.

Bumper Egg Hunt Box
Cheeky Monkey Stick
Chocolate Egg and Soldiers
Decorate Your Own Cheeky Chicks
Easter Chicks and Mallows
Free From Easter Egg with Choc Orange Discs
Free From Extra Special Dairy Free Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg
Jelly Carrots
Micro Easter Eggs
Milk Chocolate Cheeky Monkey
Monkey Lollipop
Sheep Lollipop
Sheep Pack
Smash Egg
White Chocolate Bunny
White Chocolate Bunny Lollipop
White Chocolate Bella the Bunny
White Chocolate Lucy the Lamb

Crème Egg
Crème Egg Easter Egg
Crème Egg Minis
Crème Egg Twisted Bag
Crunchie Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Caramel Egg (not Easter Egg, the Caramel Eggs)
Dairy Milk Daim Minis Bag
Dairy Milk Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Flopsy Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Mini Eggs Bag
Dairy Milk Peter Rabbit Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Vanilla Mousse Bunny
Flake Easter Egg
Heroes Easter Egg
Mini Eggs
Mini Eggs Easter Egg
Roses Easter Egg
Twirl Easter Egg
Wispa Easter Egg

Dairy Free Caramel Easter Egg
Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Bunny

Titchy Paradise Punch Easter Egg

Easter Egg Basket
Free From Easter Egg

Galaxy Ripple Egg
Golden Eggs Bag
Golden Eggs Easter Egg
Minstrels Easter Egg

Butterscotch Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Chick N Mix
Easter Hunt
Farm Animals

Easter School House
Mini Chocolate Figures
Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny
Surprise Bunny
Surprise Easter Egg

Dairy Free Just Chocolate Easter Egg
Nerf Blaster Milk Chocolate Egg
Thomas Train Egg
Help For Heroes Easter Egg
Hot Wheels Egg
My Little Pony Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Paw Patrol Egg
Peppa Pig Easter Egg
Star Wars Egg

Excellence 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate Bunny
White Chocolate Bunny

Cola and Popping Candy Easter Egg
White Chocolate Easter Egg

Bounty Easter Egg
Snickers Easter Egg

M & M's
Peanut and Choco M&M's Egg
Peanut Luxury Egg

4 Milk Chocolate Ganache And Salted
Caramel Eggs
Bennett Bunny
Bubby Bunny
Caramel Eggs
Choccy Eggs
Colin Caterpillar Veggie Butterflies
Creamy Milk Buttons Egg
Easter Friends Bag
Egg Hunt Activity Box
Egg Hunt Treats Tray
Handmade Chocolate Marbled Fudge Egg
Handmade Nougat Egg
Hide & Seek Egg Hunt Bag
Laid Back Lamb
Little Bunny
Made Without Bunny Ears Egg
Mixed Up Bunnies
Nutty Egg
Origin Dark Chocolate Egg With Dark Chocolate
Origin Milk and Dark Chicken & Egg
Scrambled Eggs
Ganache and Gold Leaf Egg
Speckled Eggs
Swiss Milk Praline Eggs
Ultimate Egg Hunt Sack

MOO FREE (All Dairy Free)
Bunnycomb Easter Egg with Buttons
Caramelised Haxelnut Nibs Egg
Cheeky Orange Easter Egg with Buttons
Original Organic Easter Egg With Buttons

Aero Peppermint Egg
After Eight Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Tray Egg
Milkybar White Chocolate Easter Egg
Milkybar & Smarties Mini Eggs Pouch
Pick and Mix Giant Egg
Smarties Mini Eggs Egg
Smarties Orange Mini Eggs Egg

Quality Street Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Egg
Peanut Butter Cup Bunny

Free From Chocolate Egg
Free From White Chocolate Egg
Micro eggs
Milk Chocolate Eggs
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Swiss Dark Chocolate Eggs
Swiss Milk Chocolate Eggs
Swiss White Chocolate Eggs

Easter Tub

Basket of Milk Chocolate Eggs
Bunny and Chick Mallows
Easter Character Lollipop
Finest Caramelized Hazelnut Egg
Finest Dark Chocolate Egg
Finest Gin and Elderflower Egg
Finest Milk Chocolate Egg
Finest Salted Caramel Egg
Free From Finest Salted Caramel Egg
Free From White Chocolate Egg
Fried Eggs
Golden Easter Egg Hunt Adventure
Milk Chocolate Bunnies
Micro Chocolate Eggs
Milk Chocolate Eggs Net
Milk Chocolate Lollies
Small Chocolate Eggs

Classic Egg
Classic Dark Egg
Dark Mint Egg
Fruit Creme Easter Egg
Gruffalo Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Butterfly Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Continental Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Cupcake Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Football Fan Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Harry Hopalot Easter Egg
Nut and Praline Collection Easter Egg
Spring Favourites Egg
White Chocolate Harry Hopalot Easter Egg

Arabica Coffee Egg
Avocado Easter Egg
Cappuchino Truffle Eggs
Caramel Fudge Chocolate Egg
Dark Chocolate Bunny Egg
Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate Egg with Raspberry Pieces
Duchy Dark Chocolate Egg
Easter Chocolate Collection
Heston From Waitrose Egstraordinary Dippy Easter Egg
Ginger Truffle Eggs
Marble Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Egg with Chocolate Beans
Milk Chocolate Jelly Bean Egg
Milk Chocolate Egg with Speckled Mini Eggs
Milk Chocolate Speckled Egg
Praline Eggs
Salted Caramel and Raisin Egg

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