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Gluten Free Easter Eggs 2016

Gluten Free Easter Eggs 2016

Not sure what chocolate you can have this Easter? Well we have a list for that, so you know exactly what eggs are gluten free this year.

Added 9th March 2016
Updated 10th November 2020

Easter is approaching and everyone is searching for Easter Eggs, but that's not always so simple with Coeliacs, sometimes it's difficult to know which ones are safe. So we have come up with a list of ones we know to be OK for us!

There are various options available which are both gluten and dairy free, Choices ones are available in Sainsburys, Waitrose and Holland and Barratt, as are Moo Free.

The ones we have listed are ones we know to be suitable, however there are other eggs from other manufacturers which we haven't checked and probably other eggs we just haven't seen anywhere to check, so remember to check the allergy info before buying (all ones we have listed neither contain gluten or have a may contain warning)

If you want to look for just generalised Chocolate that is suitable, we also have a list for that - see our chocolate and sweets blog

Easter Chicks
Extra Special Belgian Chocolate Salted Butterscotch and Fudge Egg
Extra Special Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg
Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg
Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate Golden Egg with Choc Truffles
Extra Special Hot Cross Egg Tower
Extra Special Luxury Belgian Chocolate Egg Collection
Free From Egg with Choc Buttons
Free From Egg with Orange Disks
Hollow Monkey

Buttons Toy Easter Egg
Caramel Treasure Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Treasure Easter Egg
Caramel Easter Egg Standard
Creme Egg (all varieties)
Easter Chick
Easter Egg Trail Pack
Caramel Bunnies Easter Egg
Heroes Easter Egg
Flake Easter Egg
Roses Easter Egg
Twirl Easter Egg
Caramel Egg
Crème Egg Easter Egg
Crunchie Easter Egg
Mini Eggs Easter Egg
Mini Eggs
Mini Eggs Treasure Easter Egg
Mixed Mini Filled Eggs Bag (except Oreo)
Wispa Egg

Banoffee Bonanza Egg
Totally Minted

Butterscotch Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Mint Chocolate Easter Egg
Plain Easter Collection

Chick N Mix
Easter Hunt Mini Mix
Jelly Bunnies

Mini Eggs

Avengers Egg
Dalek Egg
Free From Egg
Frozen Egg
Me To You Egg
Nickelodeon Eg
Peppa Pig Egg
Simpsons Egg
Star Wars Egg
Thomas The Tank Egg

Excellence 70% Dark Egg
Excellence Mini Egg Cannister
Excellence Mixed Egg Shell
Lindor Strawberry and Cream Egg

Baileys Easter Egg and Truffles
Chocolate Egg with Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
White Chocolate Egg with Chocolate

(The majority of Marks and Spencer's eggs are usually gluten free, but I haven't had chance to go and check exactly which ones, the ones below are listed on Marks and Spencers gluten free food list)
Bennett Bunny
Egg Hunt Bag
Easter Bunnies
Fudge Selection
Giant Filled Easter Whip

Bubbles Egg
Galaxy Minstrels Egg
Golden Eggs Easter Egg
Golden Mini Eggs
Match Makers Egg
Peanut M&M's Egg
Quality Street Easter Egg
Ripple Egg

Signature Belgian Milk Chocolate Drizzle Egg
Signature Belgian Milk Chocolate Marbled Egg

After Eight Egg

Aero Egg
Randoms Egg

Micro Easter Eggs
Milk Chocolate Egg with Chocolate Caramels
Milk Chocolate Egg with Mini Jelly Beans
White Chocolate Easter Egg with Gummy Mix

Easter Bunny Felt Bags
Milk Chocolate Egg and Buttons
Milk Chocolate Egg and Dotties
Milk Chocolate Egg and Raisins
Milk Chocolate Egg with Speckled Eggs
Finest Belgian Chocolate and Orange Egg
Finest Belgian Plain Chocolate and Mint Egg
Finest Belgian White Chocolate and Coffee Egg
Finest Coconut Egg
Finest Dark Choc Madagascan Mini Eggs
Finest Dark Chocolare Square Egg
Finest Equadorian Dark Chocolate Egg
Finest Hand Decorated Belgian Chocolate Egg
Finest Milk Chocoate Fruit and Nut Egg
Finest Milk Choc Lemon and Lime Egg

Classic Collect Egg
Classics Dark Egg
Continental Egg
Cupcake Egg
Dark Chocolate Classic Egg
Football Egg
Fudge Egg
Gruffalo Egg
Harry Hopalot Egg
Harry Hopalot White Egg
Less Sugar Revelations Egg
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Miss Flutterby Easter Egg
Moments Egg
Smiles Milk Chocolate Egg
Special Toffee Egg
Spring Favourites Egg
Statement Easter Egg
White Chocolate Easter Egg

Arabica Coffee Chocolate Egg
Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg and Jelly Drops
Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg and Dolly Mixtures
Belgian White Chocolate Egg and Jelly Beans
Chocolate Egg and Bars
Dark Chocolate Egg
Duchy Dark Chocolate Egg
Easter Praline Eggs
Ginger Truffle Mini Eggs
Hand Decorated Caramel Fudge Chocolate Egg
Hand Decorated White and Dark Chocolate Egg with Raspberry
Hand Decorated Sicilian Lemon Chocolate Egg
Heston Golden Chocolate Egg
Marc de Champ & Amaretto Mini Eggs
Milk Chocolate Egg
Seriously Dark Egg and Truffles
Seriously Milk Chocolate Egg and Truffles
White Chocolate Egg
Woodland Friends Easter Egg Hunt
Woodland Friends Hop the Frog Egg
Woodland Friends Ollie The Owl Egg
Woodland Friends Spike the Hedgehog Egg

Your Comments

Can you please confirm if easter kinder eggs are gluten free?

Maryanne Ghio
Maryanne Ghio
12th March 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 12th March 2017

As far as we know, yes they are.

Thanks for that I need all the help i can get x
Jennifer McGowan
9th March 2016